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  • OK, another Q!! I've just bought Haut Cout, Trouble and Empowered. I personally love Metro, covers in 2 coats which is great unlike Swag which doesn't cover well unles you're using 3. Have you got empowered and how do you find that?? :) x
    We buy more bottles of Haut Cout. It's more corally with lovely golden glitter - bright but not off putting so all ages wear it. Hype is neon without sparkle & people love it in summer but tends to get much less use in winter.

    Of course it depends a lot on your client base & you will know what they like best; it's hard for me to decide for you! Have fun shopping :)
    I'll post all the oranges on the ACG thread for you - I've had trouble capturing them unfortunately - they look a bit flat.

    You probably already have snapdragon? How about Haut Cout Orange? That's v popular sparkly coral. Sultry is also doing well for us.

    No salon facebook - goes against our branding & we don't photo clients so it would be a pretty boring page!

    I have my 4th SG friend - I feel honoured :lol::hug:
    Hi lisa ,
    I have recently started up my own buisness , and i am really struggling to out together a client consultation form , i have searched google and no luck , but i looked on here and saw you had really good feedback from sending yours, i would really appreciate some help , would you mind sending me the consultation form through email? i would love some help thank you! :) x
    Really?? Ive had no email from you! the last email i sent i didnt get a Reply back to and thought id offended you somehow or youd just got tired of my never ending nail issues talk so didnt want to email amd harass you further! Youre getting married?? omg! how fabulous! Are you all sorted? Hows your business going? So glad things are going well for you and the boys!x
    Hello! i dont really use here much at all just thought id pop on and have a nosey haha. how are you? hope you and the boys are well!x
    hi, could you please tell me who the distibutor for ACG is in maghull im in warrington so easier to pop there rather than with llouella bell the colours are so much better in the flesh so to speak than on line they never seem to be a true representation. thanx kim
    Hi Lisa, just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to do my Shellac before my hols, you are a star! All fingers and toes still perfectly in place.....shame your i don't live closer you'd have a new client xXx
    Hey there =D
    Thank you for your comment on my pic :hug:
    I am more than happy to help, ask away.
    Do please come and join the konad group as I think you will find that all the questions you have have probably been discussed.

    Here is a link to a discussion on what you need to konad: Salon Geek - What do I need?
    If we were all in the UK then we could not even police it - say all CND people have a number - that would be ok. Then you have NSI people do we have to check with NSI to verify they are trained. Then what about the private companies? We could insist everyone was a member of Babtac - could we insist on that. Then what about people in the USA, Egypt, Israel, Spain etc. etc how do we confirm they are professional.
    I appreciate that you may have been doing what was suggested but we have seen posts like this before and I explained why it wouldnt work. I have put it to all of the other moderators as they are the ones who would have to make it work.
    hi i didnt realise it was you on the phone untill i saw your post, i have loads of conversations with people who are geeks and i never make the connection between there geek names ! and who they are on the customer data base , i see post saying how good we are and they are customers of ours and i have nt got a clue who that person is, you were the only sample i sent to liverpool today so i clicked who you are ,i sent your sample out at 5pm 1st class you should get it tommorow ish
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