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  • Thank you for the lovely comment... I used Negligee and cream puff and another layer of negligee :)
    Oh lol, what I meant was, how did you get them from college? Did they give it to you on a disc or something?
    Hi Lisa, yeah I am good thanks, busy busy! Hows you? Have you been busy? I am currently struggling to fit clients in, I think I am gonna have to go full time! lol No I havent got my CND cert yet, or the nvq one. Cant wait to get it either! Make sure you keep in touch now college is finished, I will have to come to you to get something nice done! What eye brow things do you do? Really need mine doing! xx
    Hi, i bought the nail extration unit from a seller at Usually they only sell min. quantity of 100, but i got these 3 as a sample since i'm also starting my distribution business to see if i'm interested in selling them.
    Hi hun, thanks for thye friend request oh have you got a website as i cant find it hun? just want to have a nosy lol xx
    Hiya, yeah Ive got someone coming in for fibreglass infills (that reminds me that I must have a look at the book tonight and remember how to do it!) and Ive got acrylic infills for thurs night. Hopefully I will pass these two, then I will only have 2 more assessments to do and then Im done :) Cant wait til its over! we wont be at group tomorrow, so see ya at college xx
    Hiya, did u look at my pics? what do you think? My gels are still on and havent chipped/peeled or anythin so thats good! Eeeek! competition on wed!
    hi lisa, dont know if you'll get this in time but would it be ok for you to bring in your paints tonight? Im not sure if the college ones are in yet or not but if they're not will it be ok to use yours? I really wanna get the assesment out the way! xox
    Hi! Yea they are still on and i love them! Think they are your best yet! I did file them down a bit cos i had to clean and i thought it was a bit risky! Hope your havin a nice break, have a good christmas! xoxox
    Hiya, i know i will try to! Hope your assesment went ok. I cant believe they didnt have the new paints in! I just stayed at home at did some research into product companies for the task and also did some xmas nail art on my mum! Happy birthday also!! I have a card which i will giv you tomorrow. C u then xoxox
    No we just been to Turkey for 2 weeks so we will probably go away towards the end of the year, hopefully to Prague or somewhere x
    Hi hun, the day was lovely, dry and went well even though i did cling to Iain all the way through. Lots of photos,and everyone got on well, and did not mess up my ;lines thank god, still not sunk in yet i dont think. Went out with my mum and dad that night in St Ives and took them out around west cornwall yesterday, it was great x
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