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    Adult apprenticeship and childcare benefits

    Hi everyone, has anyone got experience in doing an adult hairdressing apprenticeship with kids? I have been offered an apprenticeship at my dream salon. However,I’m scared that I won’t be able to support my 2 year old daughters childcare payments if it works on income rather than hours worked...
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    Daughter’s curly hair

    I have been learning all about curly hair with my daughters tight curls! Thought I would just share what works for her after trial and error. Morning routing consists of spraying her bed head hair with water, and finger combing curling primer by Noughty, it’s amazing! I sometimes add a bit of...
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    Box dye banding help

    Het there! I’m just learning the hairdressing ropes and my sister has asked for me to sort out her hair during our lockdown. She put a box dye bleach on her hair a few months ago which has resulted in the orange banding halo at the top coloured part of her hair, but is also present at the nape...