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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    That's so lovely to hear and fantastic that everything is going great for you. What courses are you doing? I am fully trained but as ive been out of it awhile im feeling like a sponge at the moment wanting to suck in as much knowledge as possible :)
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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    We can do this :) ive taken the plunge and decided to go ahead with it, something good has to come out of 2020 surely!! Good luck :)
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    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    thanks, yes I used to love them when I used them before and have so many colours, found they lasted ages especially on the toes. Some I have binned but most are still pretty good. Glad I dont have to go and buy a whole new range :)
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    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    Do polishes go off? I used to be a mobile therapist and have had a break for some time. I have a lot of polishes still that all seems to be fine to work with, obviously there were some that had gone a bit glupey etc which I have thrown out but there are others that I have been using on myself...
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    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    That's a good point, thanks for that! Are you allergic to Gel polish aswell as enhancements?
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    Website content

    Hi All Im currently looking in to setting up my website for my mobile beauty therapy. Does anyone have any must have or do not dos in terms of what is included in the website. Would anyone be willing to share links to their websites for inspiration? I promise I wont be copying!!! Can anyone...
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    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    Hi All Im in the process of putting my treatment list together and wondered whether anyone actually still has 'normal' polish on their nails? Thanks Lisa
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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    Thanks for the advise guys, ive made the decision and decided to take the plunge :) Bricking it is an understatement but im so motivated to get things going I cant wait!
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    How did you come up with your business name?

    Hi All I always love to know how things happened to people, the usual 'how did you and your partner meet' story. So Id love to know how you all came up with and decided on your business names? Did you put much thought in to it, any funny stories about how they came about? Im just about to...
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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    Hi All, I could really do with some honest advice please. I am a trained beauty therapist and worked self employed/in spas/on a cruiseline however for the last 9 1/2 years I have been working in an office. I am so so unhappy to the point it makes me cry and have been for a good few years now. I...
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    Ikon.IQ or TGB?

    Thanks for the reply Bob really appreciate it :)
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    Ikon.IQ or TGB?

    Morning Everyone, Please can I have some opinions. Im going to soon be picking back up my nail files and going back to what I love. Ive looked at a number of differernt brands and have narrowed it down to TGB or IKON.IQ. Please could you tell me your experiences using/training with either of...
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    Getting back in the game

    Hi Everyone, Im a fully trained beauty therapist but have been out of the game for a few years. Im looking to get back in to it but definitely need some refreshing on my skills. I trained with CND in the past but was wondering what other brands people recommended for gel extensions and gel...
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    China Glaze - Does anybody use them?

    Hi everyone Just wanted to be nosey really and see if anybody uses china glaze nail polishes and what they thought? Ive not long started useing them and think they are fab especially on the toes im going back to some clients 6 weeks later and the poilish is still perfect (other then growing...
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    Using oil when waxing

    Thanks for that, i will give it a go next time and see how i get on. how do you apply it when putting it on bikini. Can i put in on a cotton pad and apply.