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    New member looking for advice on training .

    Yes, I also trained with creative and would certainly recommend them. You get what you pay for. Lisa
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    If you want a portable manicure table - read this!

    Hello I have just listed one on ebay for 99p No reserve ! :) Lisa xx http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/mobile-nail-manicure-table_W0QQitemZ200423100514QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Health_Beauty_Nails_Manicure_Pedicure_CA?hash=item2eaa25d062
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    Hi Amy, Saw your post about nail table. Just to let you know I have one on ebay which i used...

    Hi Amy, Saw your post about nail table. Just to let you know I have one on ebay which i used for my training starting from just 99p. Regards Lisajane x
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    Custom blending Metro powders with clear/white powders

    yeah i mixed purple with white and its a lovely lilac!! Well nice, Havent tried clear tho as im out of pots!!
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    Nail Enhancements/extensions for Men?

    was it obvious he was wearing extensions? Do u have any pics? thnx for the reply.. Not had a bash at sculpting yet, was wondering if i could use tips with it?? LJ x
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    Custom blending Metro powders with clear/white powders

    Ok i have some metro silver glitter powder... and also a purple powder... What would happen if i mixed with white? Would it change to lilac? This is the obvious one... But if mixed with clear, what would happen then? LJ xx
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    Nail Enhancements/extensions for Men?

    Are there nail extensions for men? I mean, Say a bloke had short, stubby nails and wanted extensions but without seeing a vibrant SMILE line... or without there being a glossy top coat.... Is this possible? How would it be done? LJ xx
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    Opinions on mobile case please

    hiya i got mine from b and Q.... Its a really pretty silver alumin case... lots of other girls on my course got the same one. its 21 quid and got a carry handle and strap... Theyre going on ebay for 40 quid!!! Shocking!!
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    Carlton Institute and Nail Lite

    I used nailite before.... They are lower range products, very cheap... But they do an odorless system too which is what attracted me to them.... PM me and i can get their website for you
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    imagine stubbing one of these babies on the stairs

    Wooooooooooooow!! thats tiny! im an 8!!
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    Creative academy

    i did mine in MK with a lady called debbie she was brill!!
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    Argos UV Gel & Acrylic kits

    i remember wen boots sold nailine white tip n dip acrylic....
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    No training... smart or stupid?

    what idiots put smart?? how is it smart not to have training?? would y be smart if u decided 2 b a doctor without training? would u swim the channel without training? urr no. id like those 3 who did say smart to come fwd and show urseves
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    nail adhesive

    i use speedbond its really good better than gelbond. I cant hold in place for long enough with gelbond so my tips end up moving!! speedbond for me. 2 seconds flat!! CND x