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  • Hi Lisa sorry havent been on here for a while, I passed my asssesment over a year ago. I have a reaction to the fast drying adhesive....cold symptoms and headaches, so I try to convert existing clients to LVL - Lash straightening. I'm also concentrating on Permanent Makeup and derma roller treatments. How are you doing with lashes now?
    Hi Lisa - I've done my Myscara course and am going to do Lash in a Flash in a couple of weeks. I've seen you did this also - did you just do lash in a flash or did you do Semi-perm too? Your lashes are fab!
    thanks for that i was just panicking lol that wasted money thats brill thanks very much xx
    hi lisa just wee question thanks for feedback on glam lash, i have already done eyelash extentions with lash perfect, the lash in a flash is it defo the express method ie the kinda cluster lashes and you dont isolate the lash
    Hi Lisa,

    I hope you don't mind me writing on your wall, was just wondering further to a post you have commented on, did you get the semi permanent lash glue in your kit with salon systems? I bought this glue which is black that was by all the temporary individual lasahes but now i am thinking that its the wrong one beacuse its semi permanent!! eeek x x
    Thanks for the lovely comment Lisa on the "business" not "fun" thread lmao, hope you are well and coping in the summer hols, although I dont think your babes are old enough to have some sort of school routine :0) Claudia xxxx
    Hi Lisa, have you got a sallys/salon services nearby? not sure if there is one in standrews? they have bottles for around £3, if theres not one near you all the beauty online places wil selll it like beauty express and ellisons, salon serve is a good one, very reasonable price wise, you should request catalouges so you have them for furure reference, only thing with that is you have the P&P on top, maybe even check on ebay? xx
    Hi Lisa, great!! off to have a look in a moment, if you buy some acetone this will take it off when the tweezers get a bit overloaded, you can pop a bit on a cotton pad, or have a small amount in a small dish to dip into and then wipe off, just make sure it has all been wiped off before using near the eye are again, xx
    Hi Lisa, Glad you enjoyed it, you were all great and it was very enjoyable training day! looking forwards to seeing your pictures, you should join the group on here for MYscara, its called MYscara mania, lots of other MYscara technicians there, and great for picking up tips and things xx
    Hey hunni, thanks for your kind comments on my lashes - very nice of you xxx
    Your lashes look good, just needing to get more on, but that will come. When are you doing your assessment? Most beginner glues are a bit slower to set, so don't worry we have all been there. Just keep practicing so you can pass your assessment and then you can experiment with different glues.
    It's a shame they won't allow you to use both the tape and pads if that is what you are used to doing, not sure why they would restrict you that way. Did you train with Nouveau in Dundee? Do you not like to use the pads on there own?
    Anything i can do to help, just let me know xxx
    Hi Lisa
    Ive passed my assesmemt last thursday with Nouveau :). I've increased my introductory price from £25 to £30now as I'm a liittle faster, getting more on (upto 25-30 each eye) although Im still taking a few hours, still need to get my speed up. Clients are happy with the result,they're referring me and coming back for infills. They are getting a lovely and relaxing treatment at the end of the day. Have had to be firmer wit them to relax snooze an dlet me lash away, as I've told them their lashes jump around while there talking a nd as a reslut they will get less on.

    Just thinking you must be doing a lovely job for them too, maybe think about earning more for all your hard work ?

    Shel x
    Hi Lisa - just thought I'd let you know that I done a set of lash extensions last night. I put some vaseline on the clients bottom lashes and then some tape over them.....then put the gel eyepad over the tape.......worked a treat and I had no problems with the lower lashes sticking to the top ones and the pad stayed put for the whole treatment........just thought Id let you know that technique seems to work (oh and I did de-tack the tape slightly before putting it over the lower lashes)
    yea just when you think you have mastered something, another problem apears lol, practice makes perfect as they say eh lol x
    Hi there, was just reading your thread with regards to EE, and noticed you are not far from me, I am in Kirkcaldy, so thought I would drop by and say Hi, I too am on the look out for a faster setting glue, I trainied with glam lash and their glue is also a no fume, but slower setting glue, and as I have gained speed, stickies are starting to be a problem, there are just so many eh lol, and shelf life isnt so good, am sure flirties expert is 9 months, will have to check on this, if thats the case will be giving this one a go, just have to have client lie with eyes shut for 5/10 mins after finnished applying, are you based in a salon or mobile?? xx
    Hi Jen, thank you for accepting. Just found at about this site, it's fab, getting lots of tips which is great as I've just started my training in nouveau lashes. Where about's in Scotland are you? :):) xx
    Hi Lisa, thanks for the friends request. Nice to meet a fellow scot :) xx
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