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  • Hi Lisa, don't get on here much these days, sorry for not replying and thanks for birthday message. Haven't done acrygel yet but will do eventually. Well into Brisa and almost too scared to go out of my comfort zone. Hope ya fine. Hayley x
    Hi Lisa,
    Yeah there are a few of us from the north east, i haven't met them all but the ones i have met are good friends now...
    Hope you enjoy the Geek site....
    LoL If you click on Navigation, top left and then click on forums in the drop down menu you will find all the forums. You just click on the one you want to start a thread on and click on New Thread. Let me know if you have problems finding it hun. xox
    you are very welcome Lisa. We are such a friendly bunch, and I see you have made friends with half of the NE already!

    I know Viv Stocks and her husband and Martin Ferguson and his wife, They live on a little new-ish estate just as you come in shildon from the A1.

    Just to add to what Mandy said, i trained with CND in Newcastle, with Wendy. It was really really good!!! You should go of it.

    Where are you based???
    Hi hun. Well I'm near Bishop Auckland and I too have been looking into CND and Ezflow.
    The nearest CND is Shiremoor, Newcastle and I am waiting to hear back from Ezflow.
    I've just trained in Gel, L&P and Fibreglass at college but want to do a conversion course.
    Will let you know as soon as i get any more info though. xox
    Hi lisa, Haaa I'm not so geeky these days, but very very ebayish always lol. Hey Acrygel ??? I'm keen to know more about this as thinking of doing the course. Only use Brisa, mind you I love it ! Will PM you. Hayley x
    Hiya Lisa, I see you are from Shildon, i have a few friends that live in Shildon. I am from Seaham. Where is your Salon. x
    Arr thank you so much!! Yes I have rather a lot of leopard print stuff too! Ha ha
    Hope you are having a good weekend!!
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