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  • Can't help on that one coz I haven't learned it myself yet. Had a few trys but really need pointing in the right direction by a good teacher first.
    hello!!!! Am doing good. lol Hows the garden salon? Would love to meet up sometime but will have to be in the summer holidays as am going back to work for a bit until end of july :)
    Hiya Just wanted to say hello as hadnt see you around for a while. Hope you are ok :)
    Am now doing male waxing aswell lol
    Your nails on your profile pic on fb are stunning xxx love them xxx how long you been trained for??
    :green:Hi Lissa, thanks for your friend request! Hope to speak to you soon. Thanks also for all the encouragement you sent me on the thread that i posted re training!
    Hi Lissa, hope my humour didn't set your thread off in a different direction than you intended. I am sure you will have lots of questions to ask as you get into your course, and this is the best place to ask them! So make sure you do ask us, and we will always try and help. As I said in my post...Good Luck with your course :hug:
    im good thanks im starting college on monday 18 wk eve course to cover all systems i need more knowledge to get me out there !! im so excited , Brad starts nursery in sept so i'll have my mornings free to do nails/beauty ,, how's your little one doing ???
    Come on here every so often now. LOL I always think of you when I am doing my waxing . Not doing too bad at moment. Will have to have a chat sometime. Keep trying to get to the geekmeets but never manage it. Last time i ended up with flu! How you doing and how you doing with your nail course?
    hi hun
    how are you doing ? just read your message on here and lol my little girls names shakira lol.xx
    hi hun
    My shakiras a little monkey bless her shes so funny.oakleys very layed back l dont no iv got his.There very good behaved really im so lucky.Thanks for your kind words hun about my monkeys lol and about my nail art.Hows things going ? x
    Im good thanks hun.Iv not got long to go untill i finish my silk/fiberglass course ,done all my assesments now just waiting for the rest to start theres, got a long wait.My tutour going to show me her sculpting with acrylic untill they all have done there assesment. so looking forward to that.Hope your well keep in touch
    hiya hun i wish i could say iv'e had time to do it but i havn't been practising more free hand at the moment !! how are you doing ??
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