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    Help getting blonder

    Great I will ask for that. Thank again x
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    Help getting blonder

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    Help getting blonder

    Thank you kahuna maybe I will try another stylist at the salon as it is awkward going elsewhere.I have even resorted to spraying my hair with brown dry shampoo to see if I would like it darker, which i do! I just feel like this blonde hair is actually making me washed out and older, I am in my...
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    Help getting blonder

    Hello, can someone advise me please. I havent used salon geek for a long time but I need some hair advice. I have had highlighted my hair for many years but always wanted a darker more natural blonde. Unfortunately I never seem to get this. My hair is so blonde now that people are commenting on...
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    Certificates for spray tan solution samples!

    I wonder if fake bake also don't like people who have trained with different companies and offer different brands. I have contacted fake bake for samples. They sent me just the gold variety. I thought ok will try that. I have contacted them via email 4 times now via emails and not had one reply...
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    Fake Bake 5 minute mousse?

    I wouldn't mind finding out about this mousse also. Yesterday I trialled fake bake gold. I can't spray myself so put the solution in an old foam bottle and literally whacked it on. It was really difficult to spread not very moisturising but the resulting tan was very very natural. Really blended...
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    Fake Bake tanning solution

    I don't use fake bake but do have some samples from over a year ago. I had a little peak at them recently and they all appeared ok apart from the 60 min sample. That had gone green so not sure if the shelf life on the 60 min fast tan is not as long x
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    Heel grips for shoes that are too big?

    I got some heel grips from the pound shop. They worked for me worth a try x
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    CND UV lamp

    This whole lamp thing is starting to annoy me now. Practically daily someone posts on an academies face book page a problem with the light. Today one even complained of the lead going on fire and nearly burning client!! It's not good enough really. A fault like that should surely warrant a...
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    Spray tan on hands awful!

    What about cleaning this brush after use. Would you need to have a few brushes as I wouldn't fancy having my face brushed after somebody has had their feet brushed. X
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    Which logo should I use

    Sorry I prefer the first x
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    Morning sickness?

    Sorry but mine lasted right upto the day they were born. Last sick on the operating table having them. Yes twins. Hated my pregnancy it was awful. Vomiting and reflux. Most peoples sickness does ease though. Good luck x
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    The Secret

    I have enrolled on a full time degree course and am hoping to keep my mobile beauty on a part time basis along side. The majority of full time students have extra jobs outside college to make ends meet. I think that's a good idea to maybe do both and one will take over. I think if you don't do...
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    Spray tan solution recommendations

    Sienna x is quite golden. Is the Moroccan tan the same?? X
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    Advice please - best fitting/flattering jeans

    Now I never seen any in black. Actually thinking about it they would be perfect in black x