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  • Hi, Yes it is still live in youtube on Sleek Lashes channel and also beauty4pasison :)
    Hi, I have a small home business I use BioSculpture but am thinking of switching to Calgel. Could you please tell me how they compare and do you favour one over the other, if so why.
    Thanks Sue
    The flexi gel and UV top are really nice. Nice and shiny. Not too sure about the new white. Will let you know more about the free edge gel thatn is used for sculpting now as I am off to a sculpting course next week.XX
    I know, there are loads of new peeps. Guess you have stocked up on all the new bio gels? Free edge, flexi and the new french one and UV top coat? I love the flexi gel. I'm on a free edge sculpting course next week... Keep in touch.XX
    Hi There, I am so sorry this is months late but only just seen your email about the passwords etc on the software platinum that I recommended. It does have password protected screens of your choosing and you can give each staff member a opin code which will also give another level of security. As far as costs go, they always have special offers on so do not publish fixed prices, I know they are very flexible with payment plans as well, they do not charge for this! i also no from my own experience that there have NO hidden costs whatsover. Hope I am not too late with the info as I love this system and think you would get on with it very well.
    Well tell them to pull their fingers out and get a wriggle on - don't they realise you've got important shopping to do :lol::rolleyes:
    Gawd, don't they like to drag stuff out lately these banks/financial organisations - suppose they're all running scared ATM eh - bunch of chickens! Other than that, salon running nicely and staff all behaving themselves huh?
    Morning chicken - any news on the salon - started work on the expansion/redevelopment programme yet?!!
    Hey chicken - have a soopah doopah holiday won't you :hug: Don't dwell on us back here in dull, bleak, miserable, rainy, windy old UK too much - I know you'll find it hard to concentrate and enjoy your holiday, but do try won't you :green::green::green: Catch you in a week's time :) xxx
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