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    Sorry you did not find all the info you needed, can I suggest you call Craig on 0845 680 0019, he is a great guy and Michelle who also has contact with us is lovely and they are both really helpful. I am sure they can help with all your questions. The other way is to hit the Contact Me button on the website, they will then get in touch with you, send info and give you a call to answer any questions.I know their prices are really good, confidentially, we paid £999 split over 3 months but I know from talking to them recently thay have a special offer on which is £300 off and I know they will always do split payments without charging extra. I also know they will lease the software if it helps. I can guarantee, from my own experience they have no hidden costs and there is no pressure from them. They did extra work for us to make it exactly how we wanted the system so I am sure they can do the same for you regarding your hidden data. Hope this helps
    Hey, hey, hey, you are still alive and kicking. Hope you and the family are ok! xxx
    thank you LA... it was taken at mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary dinner... I really like it too xx
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