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    Demarcation lines (2) on grey hair

    Hi If she is wanting to go lighter maybe you could try a more translucent colour line? I am not familiar with your colour line, in this instance I would turn to redken chromatics or wella illumina. Neither give that definite line its a more modern softer way of colouring/blending grey.
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    Hair dye wholesale

    Hi surf girl Someone said there stock is grey market? As in its made for the asian market? Would you take a photo of the front of one of the boxes for me? under the KP number? I would so appreciate it. With a large order it would save quite a bit x
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    L'Oreal: purchasing directly

    Hi Have you looked at hairdyewholesale? I have been checking them out, I currently use wella and redken. They stock wella and L'oreal and they are cheaper than direct??
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    Hair dye wholesale

    Hi everyone I have been looking at different suppliers, I usually buy direct. I came across this website hairdyewholesale and from the prices it would work out considerably cheaper than ordering direct. My only concern is are the products sold genuine stock? I am looking at wella and Loreal...
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    Hi I see you swapped to ovatu from salon iris. I currently have salon iris, but they want to put...

    Hi I see you swapped to ovatu from salon iris. I currently have salon iris, but they want to put me on a plan which will be £90 a month! Could you tell me how you are getting on with ovatu? I have a staff of 9 x
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    Salon software?

    Hi if it's just you look at a wix website, you can book on line through it and use google calendar on a salon iPad
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    Glitter like Sizzling Sand?

    Hi there fellow glitter addicts I just love the cnd sizzling sand, I just wish they sold it separately!! :irked: Does anyone has a good alternative?? Our clients just love that subtle sparkly and it looks fab over most colours :) Any recommendations would be fab x
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    Has anyone had Leader Pininfarina scissors?

    Bump, anyone?
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    Can anyone recommend a hairdryer

    I find the wella dryers good, very reliable. Got to say my favourite at the moment is the ghd air, I love the extra wide nossle :)
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    Has anyone had Leader Pininfarina scissors?

    Hi I looking for some new scissors, I usually have joewell but mine slid off the side on saturday and they have a small chip so will have to go be fixed. I saw the Leader Pininfarina on sale not really heard of them before, so does anyone have any guidance?? Really appreciate anyone...
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    Would you expect your employer to purchase your scissors?

    I know this is an old thread but just to clarify and this is the uk, I had a wage inspection last year and as an employer you have the responsibility of providing equiptment for your stylists. So basically you need to have a tray of brushes and scissors whether they use them or not, whether they...
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    Looking for a new spray tan

    Hi Well I ordered fresh indulgence, give that a go. We have had la tan a couple of times, it's quite nice. If I was swapping out st tropez I would probably go with vani-t x
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    Looking for a new spray tan

    Hi Thanks for your answers, I am not looking for high end as that's where our st tropez fits x
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    Looking for a new spray tan

    Hello I just went to re-order our spray tan only to find it has had a rather large increase of £12.50!! So I am now back to the drawing board and looking for some recommendations for a new spray tan. We currently have St Tropez as our high end tan. I am looking for something that's darker...
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    CND Email - Vinylux Polish?

    ooh pinkies!! I love mini polishes!! I so hope there coming to the uk!