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    Must have INK London ilac colours please

    And me lol!
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    Hot wax for legs, cheaper than Lycojet Lavender

    Why not use warm wax? It's very quick and efficient for large flat areas like legs x
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    Tips for Lycon waxing - trade test

    Not at all! I think it's very gross and one of the reasons I am happy to be leaving my job. The salon considers itself to be "high-end" and hollywoods are the most expensive in the city. Yet she makes us scrimp on spatulas..
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    Tips for Lycon waxing - trade test

    Ok I will do that. Thank you :)
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    Tips for Lycon waxing - trade test

    I have a trade test on Monday for a new salon and I'll be doing a Lycon Hollywood wax, I have been working in a salon for 6 months now with Lycon but I was shown to use a cold compress to help set the wax and I've never done a wax without using one! So I'm feeling quite nervous incase I'm not...
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    January/New Year offers?

    At the salon I work in we do 3-for-2 on treatments. They have to be booked all in one appointment x
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    Shellac timings

    I am finding I take from 50 minutes to an hour depending on how much prep their nails need. Filing and reshaping long or uneven nails takes me the longest! I have got my cuticle work timing down but only by not being quite as thorough as I would like to be. Still removing as much as I can but I...
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    Good name for waxing salon

    How about the Wax Room? A little less open to misinterpretation but still short and sweet :)
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    Racist clients, how to deal with them?

    Completely agree. The reason that woman is so open about her views is probably because nobody has ever actually stood up to her before and challenged those views. It's got to end somewhere. "Be the change you want to see in the world"...
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    Little things that irritate you?

    When you send someone a text message, especially something simple, and instead of texting back they phone you! If I wanted to speak on the phone I would've called in the first place! I just sit and glare at my phone until it rings out teehee
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    Gelish, how to apply to nail wheel?

    Wow how rude are you!
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    Kim Lawless training Manchester / Birmingham

    Hi Kim! Do you know if/when you'll be coming to Scotland? xx
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    Mobile waxing with Perron Rigot

    This is so helpful! I've decided to try the Mojito one and have ordered 2 mini heaters. Really excited to try the wax out and get my little venture up and running! Thanks very much for your help Jack Xx
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    Mobile waxing with Perron Rigot

    Ok thank you! I'll have a look at that one x
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    Mobile waxing with Perron Rigot

    Hi everyone! I am planning to do some mobile beauty work soon, and one of the treatments I'll be offering is facial waxing. I'm still buying all my stock and equipment and stuff, and I'd just like to know what kind of wax pots everyone uses when mobile? I would like to use both Visage and strip...