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  • Thanks for the info regarding the clamp thing, they are gorgeous nails btw!

    Hows youre new job going, still learning loads I hope!

    anne xx
    you are welcome, I loved reading it!
    I do like a bit of history, it's not easy to find any info on Salons back in time though . . I've just been searching the web without much luck.
    Thanks for my rep! x x x
    You should see her run when the words 'FREE' and "WINE' are involved.:wink2:

    Hahaha!!! remember when they bloody charged us $5 to taste :eek:

    :D Yep but in my opinion :wink2: it had the nicest wine. Speaking of which when you come over could you please please please bring a bottle or 2 of the Seppeltsfield Grenache Rose Ruby please :D
    thanks for the friendship request ...what brought that on ;0))

    Amazing nails by the way
    defamation/slander cannot be bought because i did not
    a) link to site
    b) name anyone
    c) speak any untruths..

    as i explained when i replied to your email.

    If i also did not make it clear in my reply, i welcome any and all action, its time light was shed on the industry and its failings.
    I also have saved info, and any you use in which to file a suit i will have access to.
    If you think we are in the same industry you are mistaken. This is not a "hobby" for me, this puts food on the table and a roof over my kids head.. which is why i am in no way going to encourage untrained people to perform on the public.

    My problem is not with you.. it is with the fact that wrong information with pictures was given concerning the product i use on my clients. If you are a CND master then surely you can see graphic pictures of what the product can do when used WRONG and unfairly blamed as the cause is not something the public or Inspiring Techs need to see.
    why do you keep going on with this????? Please stop it. Do you relise I have kept all information that you have said, which may I say is "defamation/slander"

    So please stop it.

    We are all in the same industry for goodness sake.
    Thanks for the rep hun, im tempted to go and spray the horrible sisters green for her lol xxx
    Hiya matey, how was the first week? Knackered? Hope to catch up with ya soon :hug:
    So how was Saturday night then?? Did you floor him with gorgeousness!!!!?????
    well done babes. So pleased the event went well for you. :hug:
    and you will be fine today mate xxxxxx
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