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  • it's a bit in your face but I thought it was bright and happy!! Classic - geeking in bed - whatever next!! x
    wow, what can i say, kick up the bum well and truly taken, and its what i needed, you're right, i will try and see past all this and make it mine now xxxxxx :hug: your a star xxxxxx
    hi hun , thanks , i still feel a bit cr@ppy really , just feel wiped out and still in a bit of pain , am getting fed up now and wanna be back to normal , lol
    hoep you are well xxxx
    Thanks for what you worte on my blog hun....we think she is jealous aswell as my hubs has a successful business and her is working 9-5 and he hates it......i am steping back and sis use to be so close and thats gone xxxxxxx...thanks again hun
    Hey Chel Did you know there are lots of Adelaide peeps at ? I don't post there anymore but I thought you might find some spray tan models there.
    Hi Chels,
    How are you? Did you get my message the other day that I sent you? Just s I was sending you a messagemy internet went down, and wasnt sure if you got my reply?
    Is hot in Aussie at the mo?
    Angie xx
    Hi Chelsea,
    It was lovely to get a message from you!!
    I liked the name you have given your NAIL TRAINER..!! I will have to think of one for mine, when I get a get on with it. My partner bought me the ESSENTIAL GEL NAIL KIT, including the hand, I knew it wasnt going to be easy, but then again I didnt think it would be really difficult!! because you learn from a dvd, and not a tape like they used to do its harder because when you watch, pause then copy and if you want to check something on the dvd, I have to go back to the start of the dvd, it drives me MAD...!! so I decided to give up on that after several months, and get myself booked onto a course which starts on the 15th April, I will keep my nail trainer and practise on that during my course dates.
    I suppose we all got to start Chels?
    I must admit I have learnt quite a bit from this site, but I have never seen anyone with the stiletto enhancement in England, maybe us BRITS are a bit behind the times... LOL!!
    Well my AUSSIE BUDDY, its 11.10pm here so Im off to my bed!
    You take care
    Ive just been looking at your nails, THERE GREAT!!
    I see from a photo you have the NAIL TRAINER, I have one but just cant seem to get on with it, maybe I will when I start my GEL NAIL COURSE!!
    So whats it like living in AUSTRALIA?
    I would love to visit one day, and see for myself.
    The photo off you and your girls, is LOVELY!
    Hope to chat soon!
    Angie x
    Don't do tanning yet but I'm going to get their Krush mineral makeup. I'm not sure about getting into tanning
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