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    They stoled my idea! :wink2: Seriously lighten up, dont like it.. dont stock it.. dont offer it. YOU have a choice as to what colours styles and patterns you want to offer... goin on about it is a waste of time. I copped it when i did this nail, but I stand by it.. Guess what.. I dont smoke I...
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    Strange Problem - Tips Not Sticking.

    Yup, sounds like it.. I have a client who always has cold hands.. (she actually has a medical condition to do with her circulation) whenever we do anything involving L&P and resin I place a heated towel under her hands.. took me ages to work out why the tips would just slide off her fingers...
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    Dare I even say this..but here goes

    I did substandard (didnt know it at the time) training to receive my certificate.. went straight out into the world.. and suffered:o filling filling filling.. getting it wrong.. wanting to give up.. filling filling filling:o Now many years later I can say the BEST thing I ever did was a short...
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    Green nails - fungal and why?

    **I would like to add, That when i said i couldn't enhance them, I did try to retail a product line we had, I explained treatments we could start to get them healthy again but i insisted she needed them seen by a doctor.. i cannot ever forget the grren/black/jellied look of those nails, and can...
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    Green nails - fungal and why?

    I lost my job in a salon over the "bacterial/fungal" debate... :sad: Stopped doing nails for nearly 2 years afterwards... This was not "one of those" or "budget" places either, this was a very high priced salon, that hd no care for the people they were treating what so ever, and when I refused...
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    I don't want to use an electric drill!

    I wouldnt go near myself or anyone for that matter with an E-file until I was confident with my technique.. use a tip (un enhanced) on a piece of dowel, or a blutack finger and paractise those angles and pressure.. you can see by using a tip what you are doing wrong and where.. Im a reformed...
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    Nail Bar Danger Report on AU TV pls view

    part I YouTube - ‪Bad Nail Bars - Part 1‬‏ Part II Nail bar danger, your stories If you could have a look at these and give me your thoughts i would appreciate it.. :confused:
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    1st 2nd 3rd set sculpted nails on a person's hand.

    ... agree with both OP's, what i will add is, your the technician so while its important to listen to the client, you also need to keep in mind the balance of the nail... I allow my clients to choose colours and shape, but as far as where the smile line is thats up to me.. keep going xx your...
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    Spray tan How Dark?

    LMAO Suzie!! oompa lumpa class of 2011 BRILLIANT!! Mental pictures pmsl... Yep, remember these are kids, your the pro.. even if the other kids go elsewhere, your own daughter should be a more natural colour (hey at least you can control her tan!!) no way 16% on kids... stick yo your guns xx
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    Made my client bleed!

    You poor thing ((hug)) As everyone has said, it happens.. Now you know to dull the edges of you file and use your own thumb as a guide.. but another very important factor is.. STAY PROFESSIONAL AND IN CONTROL.. apologise, control the bleeding, place some gauze and disinfectant on it and apply...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    Thankfully I am in the position where I am only just looking at which Gel polishes I will be stocking, and please hear me out because I think my point is valid. I was initially looking at the polishes as an add on to my treatments already on offer, overlays and summer toes etc... I was excited...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    WOW fiftrix, Vultures?? Smarties?? wind neck in?? {{ Smacks own head and walks away...}} Somethings never change.. Dont question anything unless you want to be talked down to by the people who are SUPPOSED to be supporting us :sad: I have wwatched you and your journey through CND and beyond, and...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    Which is surely why companies should be making it harder for the public to get hold of not easier. I point this comment at ALL COMPANIES.. Does anyone honestly think that joan blow wont walk into Sally's.. spend the amount she needs.. watch the DIY video.. and go from there? This industry is...
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    Disagree with the highlighted point Above poster made.. I for one found it easy to learn, just took a little bit of practice to perfect.. Now im just starting to get back in the game and it was like riding a bike.. take the time to learn how to sculpt and i promise you it will open up a whole...
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    Learn everything.. know everything.. DO everything! Keep one step ahead of the place (salon/tech) down the road.. ANYTHING that allows you to say "Yes i can do that for you" is surely worth it???:green: