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  • Email me at and I will send you something that will help you. :hug:
    Not sure if you'll get this before you go today, but I'm not going to be there. Today wasn't convenient for me being a Tuesday. I'm one of the only ones in the salon and would have lost out on a whole load of business if I'd have shut up. Also my Nan's been really ill over the last week and I've got to be on hand if the hospital call me cos my mum's away in Greece.

    Hope you get on ok! xx
    I've just had mine infilled actually!! What a bummer. When's our next masters day? 24th, 7th then the 30th? Have you got those days too? Just wanted to check because Pamela changed some of the dates xxx
    I haven't done it yet they changed it to this sunday so I can't wait to go! I need a model actually if you need yours doing?? xx
    Come down whenever you want. Definitely take the plunge, sooooo worth it! I might be going on Sunday now, to get my lashes topped up! It's really good doing it at a show because the training is always cheaper and all the vat free deals.

    Yeah, I'll keep it up there. I think nails is a small world, don't want to peeve too many people off!
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