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  • I used to use Sculpture, and your right, it is expensive. I have stopped doing extensions as I dont have a massive call for it and would rather concerntrate on natural nail care, but still using LCN. Scratch magazine has just announced in an advert that is is product 2009, but not sure it thats gel or the naturlal nail care range
    Thanks for adding me to your friend list, its nice to find someone else that uses lcn, what products do you use? I am using sculpture at the moment but am thinking of changing as it is so expensive,
    how do you find it? x

    What a nice suprise. I am trying to do the same, but for my boyfriend (I'm sure it should be the other way around)??!!
    I am basically quite new (September 2007), amnd although I have my regulars,a dn anyone that books in once, I see all the time after that - I would really like to promote facials, manicures / pedicures & definately nail art. Don't know the best way of advertising. I had two adverts in the local paper with nothing back, not even anyone really comment that they had seen my advert, apart from an existing client. Where would I offer a press release or the type of thing you maybe able to do for me. I am considering leaflet drops but I work full time office work as I am trying to keep money coming in plus I do the Saturday full day & Thursday evening.

    Hope you can help and thank you for getting back to me..

    hi sorry it has taken a while to get back to you but my husband surprised me with a birthday break. If you can let me know what treatments you want to promote and then i can send you an editorial feature which you can change the name and contact details on. If you let me know a little more about you and your business i can send anything i have which will be applicable. Hope business is picking up for you. Speak soon, kindest rgards
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