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  • hi Kelly what you been up to? when kids back you should come over for catch up x x
    Hi littlevaughan , i replied to your message straight after you posted it but have just realised that i posted it in the wrong place and i dont think you got it :-$ so sorry new to this site!! Here is a copy of the original message i hope it gets to you this time xx
    hanks for the lovely comments. I have tried different methods but my prefered method is dusting it onto the tacky layer. After i have applied my base layer i dual cleanse and v lightly buff the nail then apply a thin coat of gel which is as close to the colour glitter as i can get. I apply this where i want the glitter to stick, cure then use a makeup brush to dust on the glitter. Pat glitter gently with your finger then apply a thin layer of sealer gel to the glitter only, cure then apply sealer over the whole of the nail to finish You could also add a coat of uv if desired.*
    Hope that helps xx
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