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  • ooo thank you for taking the time to look....i really want it as samantha said it was the closest one to the new chanel one thats coming out called Kaleidoscope....but i dont really like chanel it is well expensive LOL!!
    hey dont happen to have a cnd enamel called insomnia do you that i can is discontinued line now but really trying to find THAT colour. (green -gold). Not to worry if not...thanks
    Hi Lisa - just wanted to say that I am looking forward to starting my training next Sunday with you! x
    hey my friend didn't have any spare but i know quite a few techs will be using at olympia like looby lou i'm sure she wouldn't mind sparing a couple of each xx
    No hunny, I'm not competing although I would have liked to have flown the flag for GB at Nailympics. It really is a fab comp but decided not to do any comps until I have the time and energy (and cash!) to devote to them. I really hope you do yourself justice - I can feel it in my bones you're going to do well. Go Liza go!!!!
    i think i will just stick to tip and overlay this time as i haven't the money to do it all maybe next year tho as i am thinking of only doing nailympics next year...thats the plan anyway to get involved with other stuff.
    i will come and wipe your brow for you and feed you lol xx
    hi love how are you was so good to see you last week, are you all ready for may, what are you competing in hun? xx
    Hi, yeah goin to nailympics to see how things work there, I have been told that the whole thing is quite different from the UK comps?? Will have a trial run for next year xx
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