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    Help with one client

    I have been trained in lycon, Perron rigot and most recently with waxperts, and have 30 years experience with waxing. There will always be a drastic difference between clients pain thresholds. Am I right in thinking you said that she has experienced a less painful Wax with you as well as...
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    Shellac nail prep advice

    may I say what a pleasure it was to read the posts on this thread. so often I see one of 2 things. either, the op gets torn down in flames for not doing it the right way to start with, or the op gets very defensive and cannot accept honest advise. great posts from everyone. its put a...
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    Staff teas and milk etc.

    this is a tough one as I see it. if your girls were paying a fixed rent and working back to back 10 hrs a day as you say, then I would say they need to pay for their own drinks. however, they pay a % rent, which as they are very busy, means you are earning a good rental % from them. you...
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    Renting a business

    this is very intriguing, it sounds similar to a franchise, which I have been looking into over the last couple of years. if you have any more details, id love to know more :)
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    Disheartened with this dog eat dog industry

    Just wanted to add another slant on your situation. In reverse, as a salon owner of 26 years, I have experienced a whole catalogue of knocks ranging from unpleasant to downright criminal:eek::eek: I have very definitely grown wiser and apart from a few experiences spread over a few yrs, I...
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    Different names for acetone, etc?

    Yes and yes! You have it right on both accounts,
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    Nails verses hair?

    One recurring problem at the moment is students doing a very short course to do manicure, then booking on with us to do their CND Shellac training. It is becoming more common that I am having to teach manicure techniques on what should be a product knowledge course. This isn't a problem, I...
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    Nails verses hair?

    It has been said before that the long run of college has some advantages and decent mid length private courses have different advantages. College courses are more achievable financially and within an existing job, but a decent private class will have almost 1-1 attention. The ones that are...
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    Nails verses hair?

    I would like to chuck the cat among the pigeons! Quite often when I log on here, there are numerous posts about "what training shall I do?" The general topic of conversation is centred around "cheap" vrs "expensive" Let me pose a question that may help some of you decide where you...
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    Is anyone else feeling as disappointed as me?

    "Houston we have a problem" Never have I thought that I would experience a situation that I would feel that sentence would be SO appropriate! I have not long arrived home from working on the SSQ stand at Olympia. I sat on the demo chair for 8 hrs straight yesterday and loved every minute of...
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    Salon rules

    We take our salon very seriously, its what enabled us to win Nail Salon of the yr twice last yr! We have a branded image, all of our staff receive free training in my CND Kent academy, they get to be among the 1st in the industry to get new products and in return, we expect our team to reflect...
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    Shrinking Violet cost

    its my honest opinion that if salons are having to charge as low as 20-25 for an hour and half treatment, as well as the product cost, they will not stay in business for very long. Always aim for the people that appreciate the little extras in life. go the extra mile with your customer care...
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    Salon rules

    I have had my salon for 26 yrs, starting off with employed staff, then changing over to self employed staff around 15 yrs ago. they were originally on a table rent and now they pay a % of their takings as rent. regarding hours of work and holidays, you are entitled to stipulate when you...
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    Not a good pedicure experience

    im a hairdresser and beauty therapist as well as a nail professional so getting my stuff done has always been a challenge! I have luckily found a great hairdresser who I trust implicitly thank goodness, and I train the girls in my salon so I can get a decent pedi wax or massage. everyone...
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    Help with Shellac course

    Hi Sian I run the CND Kent academy and we have experienced quite a few of these courses through students contacting us after they have attended them. The only training centre's that can award you a certificate for CND Shellac is one of the CND Academy's around the country. Do you have an...