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  • Hiya, thank you!
    My name was originally Lisa, but when I started secondary school, there were 3 other Lisa's, so I changed it to a z! though I still pronounce it Lisa, or Leeza is cool x
    Hi babes Im healing pretty good thanks ..still a bit bruised and swollen but nothing like I thought I would be, and stitches areout which is such a relief lol.
    I can so see the results I wanted to see already so Im hoping it will only get better
    ooohhhh to have 1 chin again its lovely
    i find gel much easier as you have more playing time.i use the brush on white gel form nsi,its so thin its like nail varnish
    aww,thank not very good at doing my whites with l&p so i use gel instead as i find it practicing with l&p though as i dont want it to beat me,lol.xx
    Thank you for your kind words and support, I will keep you updated

    Sue x x
    Keep watching the profile pics will be added lol...Hope to chat to you more when I recover a bit lol...xxxx
    Wellll now that I say that I cant figure out how I did it ------ I think it is on options somewhere!! Lol!

    I will have a look! x x
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