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    Personal sorry, but what age did you start to get grey hair?

    19 :sad: im now 33 nd have to colour my hair every 5 weeks !
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    Fish pedicure in Salon..

    i went into a local salon today to have and loved it :) you spend half the time looking at the fish so it was very relaxing ! Good luck with it x
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    Star Nails/United Beauty Course

    Hi i trained with united beauty 7 years go :) i found my training very good ! not everyone on the course passed and we did have to do a written paper and practical exam within a time but i can say i really enjoy it :green: good luck x
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    Ellisons doing my head in lol :(

    I couldnt agree more Gigi :) i have been after more minx for about a week i have checked everyday about six times and yesterday i had my pick ordered all that i needed and when i was looking an hour later they were all gone !!!! just keep checking and im sure you will get what you want :green:
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    Minx Training - Near Portsmouth?

    im local to you hun they are soo easy :) if you fancy meeting up for a play pm me :green:
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    Minx did not last well on me! Why?

    can i ask did you have them on your fingers or toes ?? they last for weeks and weeks on toes bot for me only about 5/7 days on fingers HTH x
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    Pedicures and Tips

    i have put a full set of white tips on myself in the past with no problems :)
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    Are the magazines worth the money?

    i love it when my mag arrives :) you get so many ideas and if you order scratch by the end of the month you get a free gift :)
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    Nail Technician. What to learn next?

    for me waxing was the next step as this was the service most asked for :) and i have been really busy x
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    Where to buy reputable nail art products??

    Well just recieved my order from nail delights and what fantastic service :hug:
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    Acrylic Nails

    Hi hun :) I have been using star nails product for years and i dont have any problems ! talk to your trainer as it maybe ratio problems or maybe prep ??? good luck :hug:
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    Happy Birthday Collin

    happy birthday :)
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    How to keep natural nail clean under acrylic?

    I have to second that Gigi nail brite is fantastic NOTHING works better :green:
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    Happy birthday Catsaremad

    happy birthday hun :)
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    Dog bitten into my nail plate!

    i would go to your gp hun i had a cat bite ( my poor cat had been run over and died :( ) i had to have a jab and a weeks tablets and they said you sould always get animal bites checked ! hope its not to sore :hug: