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  • Lizzie,

    I'm not sure if you have seen the tread, vut we are arranging a geek meet in Bluewater on the 23rd June. Come and join us if you can make it. Jo xxx
    hi ya, last 2 days its been awful, full on storms! before that it was georgeous!!! ive had a few days off for half term....but we couldnt do much! the shops been busier than ever! how bout you? x
    hi hun.
    Hope the weathers better there. Its been raining all nite here and day .hope your haveing a good weekend.xx
    Thanks hun.The show in excels always good,ill be going to the next one in sep .Have a great day.xxxxxxx
    No i didn't go,as it was my 1st anniversary sunday ,didnt think it was fare to go on are anniversary,when he wanted to spend time with me, we went for a meal lunch time and me mum had the kids for i missed it .I had a great day with hubby. Have they go one in sep do you know or is that it ? . Have a great day hun.xxxx
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