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    Nail art workshop/parties

    Thanks for your reply. I have looked into the H&S and I just need a DBS form. I will check with insurer but as the kids would just be painting pops I don’t think it would be too much of a problem. People get insured for pamper parties where the children are having treatments so I think it would...
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    Nail art workshop/parties

    Hi I have recently finished my home salon (it’s a cabin in the garden) and I am getting prepared to reopen after having a baby. I have an 8 year old who loves practicing nail art on pops. It has made me think about offering nail art workshops for children in the school holidays as just a bit of...
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    Training hand

    Thanks for your replies. I will take a look [emoji4]
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    Training hand

    Hi does anyone use a really good training hand that they would recommend please? I’m based in the UK x
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    Facial range for small home beauty business

    Hi sorry for the late response. I don’t think we are allowed to post prices but as you have been advised contact them and they will help. I went for a middle package so there were more affordable options. I love the products so far [emoji4]
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    Newbie recommendations please!

    Hey I can’t comment on products suitable but I didn’t want to read and run. It is always best to use the lamp that your gel polish brand recommends. This ensures proper curing of the product and less chance of allergies occurring. With regards to UV or LED I would always say LED but just because...
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    Gel recommendations?

    I use Shellac and have just invested in The Gel Bottle. I love Shellac but for me personally I need more colour choice. I feel like sometimes they are a bit behind and have found my clients want bright colours etc. I’m waiting for my delivery of TGB so haven’t tested it yet but I’m hoping it’s...
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    Facial range for small home beauty business

    Hi I have just purchased Eve Taylor ready to start up my business again. It wasn’t cheap but the products are amazing and I have heard so many good things about them [emoji4]
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    Magpie or The Gel Bottle?

    Thanks for your reply. I haven’t but I will take a look. I’m a bit disappointed with TGB tbh as they have now sold out of their lamp and won’t have any back until end of March so I’m gonna hold off purchasing anything from them as want to be insured. I will take a look at the brand you suggested x
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    Starting over, help!

    Confidence really is! But you are so right... not trying is worse than failing and if you don’t you will always wonder what if. Just do one thing at a time and practice, practice, practice and the confidence will come. I wish you the best luck x
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    Professional Beauty 2019 questions

    Definitely a good opportunity to check out new products etc. I am hoping it will give me a bit of motivation to get going again as I always remember getting a bit of a buzz being around it all [emoji4]
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    Log cabin or room in house?

    Thank you for such a lovely helpful response [emoji4] haha it’s definitely a struggle keeping the house in order xx
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    Professional Beauty 2019 questions

    Hey is anyone going this weekend? I haven’t been for a few years so I’m quite excited. I’m going to be looking at a new gel polish brand to run alongside my Shellac (a bit disappointed TGB won’t be there), a skincare range as I’m looking to start facials again and a lash lift brand to train...
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    Starting again and need advice

    Hey if you still want to do this, feel free to message me your number [emoji4]
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    Gelish 18g LED lamp

    When I used to use Gelish before I switched brands, I had the lamp and it was amazing! Well worth the money. As it’s the show this weekend they may have a discount on it.