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  • hi hun, hope all is well.... havent decided if i am going yet... i want to, its the drive and the nice weather thats putting me off... dont know if to stay at home in the garden with the fella and baby or drive up with sarah h in the morning... my sarah aka sassymill isnt coming as she has exams at college on monday, and doesnt want to be too tired. are you definately going?
    Hi honey

    Yes I have student in the comp this year. I may need ya to give them a wee pep talk again
    i just wanted to say thanks for the rep points and your supporti really appreciate it.its great to know that i wasnt on my own.xx
    Hi hun thanks for giving me a call bout tan! sorry was wit client x u should come up on bank mon with your family I will buy u doughnuts on the sea front !!!! Hope all good will ring to catch up soon I got things to tell you hee hee
    thanks i'm really pleased with my self, i've had my name put on my trophie and i'm going to put it up in the salon tomorrow !!!!! can't believe that i won xxxxxx
    Hi Babe

    Last nite was mobbed around 50 people at one point no room to move. Was busy all day with appointments
    thanks lou xx I was in shock I'll look a right wally in the pic they took !! congrates on all your places x
    You should do Nailympics if you can Lou. I know you will do us proud but apart from that it is a fab experience and the buzz is amazing and it is sad that there isn't a great GB representation, especially when we are hosting it xx
    God i dare not compete i don't think I'm any where near good enough, will leave that one to you pro`s,
    get my masters out of the way first then if I'm brave enough and can find a model i might join you lot next year in the comps xxx
    Thanks for the compliment hun but i don't think my work is that good, and i would need a model, all my clients have crap nail beds so i need to go a mission to find someone first,
    get my masters out of the way this year and if i can find a model i might be brave enough to compete next year xxx
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