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  • Ahh, thanks hun. I know who you are now, laura lol. ! just reconised a set of your nails in your album and saw them in the EN page. :)
    Hiya loreli, did i make that comment to you? lol Its confussing between the two sites has everyone has a different username on here. lol Thanks for the comments. xx
    Rather you than me haha takes me an hour to think about what to do with my hair if we are going out ( otherwise I don a knotted bun! )

    Just baking flapjacks, homemade beef stew and dumplings and an apple pie ready for when kids get home from school - I love the country hehe ;)
    How was the wedding hun?

    WE have moved from Wirral to Foulden in Norfolk!!! Quite a swap - hectic to calm, concrete to trees but we love it!

    Even the kids - their old school had 500+ kids, this school has 96!
    Hey you - welcome back :) Lots changed and been manic here - we have just moved nearly 300 miles from our old house!!! Am just getting back into my course agai - about 75% through maintenance and tip/overlay and done art but want to submit them all together x How are you xx
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