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  • thank you i havent completly ruled it out yet have had quite a bit of intrest from friends so i will keep it in mind its just justifing borrowing that sort of money to do it.
    Hi Lorraine, Thanks for the reputation! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
    Hi Lorraine, found you on facebook and have added your link to the link thread on here xx
    thanks for the rep point,as you said we dont push sales for the sake of it, if you ever need any advice on tanning give us a call we dont sell ice to eskimos lol
    You can't get negative rep on here hun, well only the mods can give negative rep. To check yours, click on your profile and then select user control panel from the drop down menu and you will see it :green: xxxx
    hi Louisa
    the airbrushing course is really good. I find the paint goes everywhere but i haven't done much of it to be honest. The kit itself is well worth the money. I struggled with the gel course as I didn't like the tips or gel they used and didn't think I could just use what I wanted but someone on here said they used different tips or something. There is much better gel out there but again the kit is very good.That course just wasn't for me. Basically I am useless at french manicure so thought the airbrushing could help.
    Lorraine x
    hello, thanks for your reply to post on EN art course....How are you finding the Airbrush course? would you sayit was worth while? i would like to do this as well as the nail art course..... but just a little concerned of it being a waist of good money?:) louisa
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