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  • Hey girl. How are ya? Has been a long time. Move went well. Really settled I to Shawlands again. I have been busy. Still at my day job and working away evenings and weekends. How are you getting on with everything? Lx
    Heh hows you?

    How things going hope you new logo is working for you, mine certainly is I havent stopped in the last few weeks - good times

    getting busier some week not so busy other weeks. I have 2 sets of lashes tonight waxing wed tan thurdsday and nothing else as I am going to the glam lash night on the friday! Loft conversion got started last week too so the guys are in there working so its a but messy and noisy but Daniel is able to sleep thorugh it!. Clearing out things from the house now too!
    Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. I wasc advised that the oils when you sweat would interfere with the lashes - I notice you have lots of experience with sunbeds, is this what you was going to say? x
    Hey love doing really good how about you? Are you going to the Lash event with Glam on Friday> I am going to try to get up to it if so will see you up there. What you been up too? Hows the room getting sorted?
    hi nice to know i influenced you on your decision :)

    me and my apprentice laugh at the salon about 5 doors down from us cus they've now got pink wallpaper and a chandelier too...

    suppose i should take it as a compliment after all i copied it off someone else too, but not the salon down the road!!!
    whats a blether? lol ....i love pink and wanted something eye catching so people took a second look at my salon and it worked ive have loads of new customers and everyone comments on the wallpaper....xx
    no problem hun
    Hope you have a fab weekend too

    Off to get ready for a long deserves night out!!
    If only!
    Yes I get up around 5 to do my paperwork before I leave for work at 8.30.
    The glamourous life of a salon owner eh?
    Hi, Yeah I remember you were a Glam Lash girl too (I trained with them) I am doing on average 2 sets a week just now, getting faster can get a demi-set on in 2hrs now but still not fast enough lol.
    That's fab about the room you are going to rent, that is a brilliant idea. I would love to do that, but at home most of the time with my kids. Working from my dining room now, it is all kitted out and looks lovely. I do lashes and tans. I'm in Livingston, where are you? I'm sure you have told me before, but I can't remember lol
    Good luck with the new room xxx
    Oh well thats two members already lol
    I lash all the candidate lashes, (not baby lashes) that i can in the 2 hours I allow for a full set. This lady did have a lovely lashline so I had lots of choice of lashes. I reckon I could have done another hours lashes on her, they were beautiful, healthy natural lashes. (she moaned when she came in that her lashes were rubbish! They dont know when they have it good lol) I tend to just lash away for the time I have. Once I get in "the zone" theres no stopping me lol
    Lol lol lol
    Just saw your message on my page. If you are weird, i too am weird as I lurrve looking at lash pictures. I even find myself staring at girls eyes when Im out lol
    Im gonna start a self help for lashers group lol
    Ah thank you so much for your lovely comments on my piccys. You made me blush:o
    The lashes took me 2 hours to apply, including the consultation. There is about 90 ish lashes per eye. they are a mixture of b and c lashes. It my fav mix at the mo, (i do have flavours of the month lol)
    Thanks again xxx
    Ur welcome! I did my course a week & a half ago and finding it really good at the moment. Im on commission at a local hair salon & everyone there is lovely, the hair stylists all praise my work & have their clients catching on as well. I also do nails but havent had much luck with them so I'm glad I can still make an income with the lashes. What about you when did you train & how are you finding them so far.
    Thanks so much, I did my course on Jan so will be about 6wks now. I try to get as much practice as I can but difficult with the kids. How are your lashes coming on? I got my first pics of a full set on monday (over 2 sittings, 2 wks apart) I was so delighted with them xx
    Thanks for decorating my page xxxxx

    I love my logo want it plastered everywhere my husband would have a fit, though got plans for the car, t shirts, bags everyone in my region will recognize it within a year lol I have big plans for world domination and to think it all started with carls logo design


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