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Feb 6, 2018
Jan 24, 2005
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lotus blossom

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Feb 6, 2018
    1. collin
      what are you like..youve turned into a breeding machine lol xx
    2. collin
      What what lol
    3. flirties
      Hi nikki, yes life sometimes throws things at you that you could do without! i have had my fair share over the last few years but like you say it makes you who you are......hope life will turn good for you though and that you can be happy and chirpy again :O))
    4. flirties
      Hi Nikki, long time no hear :O)))
      hope things are good with you and life is treating you well?
    5. naturalnails
      I am doing OK Nikki, how's you?
    6. jac extreme
      jac extreme
      Hi mate just seen your message, never on here, have messaged you on FB xxx
    7. *JOANNE*
      all good thanks hunny hows you xxxx
    8. collin
      im good thanks..well kind of lol
      going back to work is probably a good thing for you....who will look after the little ones though?
    9. collin
      such sad news and my thoughts are with you
      Keep your hopes up
    10. collin
      hows ypu doing kiddo xx
    11. ValencianNails
      That's a fab pic, she's absolutely gorgeous!!!
      Hope it's good news when you have the next check-up, bloody worrying!
      I'll drop you an email with family updates and stuff... so much has happened since we last chatted properly. xxx :hug:
    12. lotus blossom
      lotus blossom
      hi sandi, just added a pic of her in my albums!
      found out yesterday that she has a little hole in her heart, nothing as severe as samanthas, nor as operable as joels , just a little one that should close up and go, next check up in 6 months time so fingers crossed for that, doesnt time fly, cant believe your two are back here in uk and that youre looking to move back too, hope it all goes well for you all, hardly have time to get on geek nowadays or facebook so will check in now and then but my email is nikkismith60@aol.com i will get emails through on my blackberry look forwrad to hearing from you again soon take care my friend xxxxxx
    13. ValencianNails
      Wow, you'd had loads going on!!! So pleased that you're happy and all's going well for you, and especially chuffed to hear that you and Dannii have a relationship again :D
      Must have been scary to have your eye problems, even more so being pregnant!
      Have you added a pic of Lilah on here in your albums? (I'll have to go look :wink2: )
      We're all fine thanks, Andrew moved back to the UK 2.5 yrs ago, he's in the Navy and away on deployment at the moment. Soph moved back last yr and is going into her second yr hairdressing apprenticeship! Both of them are doing what they want to do, all we need now is to sell the house and move back! I'm working full time as a moderator and still doing a small handful of nail clients so life's busy but keeps me out of trouble lol xxx
    14. ValencianNails
      How's it going? Don't think I could cope Nikki lol
      You still in the salon? :hug: xxx
    15. collin
      congratulations mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    16. angel fingers
      angel fingers
      Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Enjoy every minute.
    17. g5m_sh
      Hello pet. Ave just gettin ya comment on my profile. :) x
    18. *Ang*
      Aww Congratulations are in order!! Fantastic news Nikki x
    19. collin
      Hiya kiddo...good hearing from you.....how the heck are you doing these days?
    20. collin
      and a happy new year to you also Nikki...I do sincearly hope that 2010 is a good one for you
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