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  • ehy up love how you doing??????????
    have you mastered that there brisa over th biosculpture to make it stay????????????
    facebook me
    sorry I have not been in touch been busy and still busy but could do wiht some lightherarted banter!
    xxx martin John
    he nails he nails!xxx
    i can only find shenails in bristol and you said you were from barnsley!!!!!!! besides she nails bristol has no frineds!
    does my head in far too confusing for me!!!!!!!!!

    sorry not been in touch been without a computer for a week, mail me at and then i can send yout hte picture I have of you
    off to find she nails she nails now to say how do

    how ar eyou getting on with brisa???????
    i wished i had been able to make it and im dead miffed i couldnt lol anyhow heres looking forward to the next one i will defo make it
    heyyyyy aaagghhhh hows u no am not going cant make that weekend or would have talked me face off lol how are ya ok i hope xx
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