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  • hey there just a small question, i seen you trained with scottish beauty school for threading and i was thinking of doing the same can you let me know weather they train with two hands or using your teeth? and is that the place in hillington?????? xx
    yes they sound like milia if they are hard. They can be removed by piercing with a sterile lance but in unqualified habds that could cause damage and infection which was why Electrolysis is the best option xx totally agree she may be too young xx some may disappear on their own others stay for a long time xxx maybe get her into a gentle skincare routine and this can help too xxx
    Hi Louise great to hear from you xx Milia can be removed via Electrolysis and although I am qualified I don't offer this service, sorry. About Face in St Enoch's Sq are the experts in this field but she might find it a little painful xx

    Maisymouse on here is in the Borders but if you pm her and say I suggested that you pick her brains she may know of someone more local for you and also give you an indication of the pain threshold xx

    hope this helps Maisymouse (Debbie) is a sweetheart of a girl xxx If she can help you with advice I would trust every single thing she says xxx

    hth's xxx
    Hi Lou- If you pm me your full name and address details i will add you to the list. Should be about 2-3 weeks hopefully x
    Just back last night from a week teaching in Edinburgh. I'm in Middlesborough in March. Keep an eye on my website as I'll be sorting out dates for 2011. You can always call me if you like. Big hugs sweetheart xx
    Thanks for the rep sweetie! That was kind of you. Where have you been I haven't seen you around for a while and I have missed you! xxx
    Thanks again beautiful! It should be entertaining.. I'm sure the Trolls won't be glad that I'm back LMFAO
    I've missed you all and I think "salongeek' is just the thing to inject my passion for nails back into me.. I seem to have lost some of it along the way.

    thanks for my rep hun! although I think my next post might get me a slap on the hand LMFAO
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