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  • Just thought I'd have a change. I recently changed my HRT as well which has given me a new lease of life lol!!! Husband enjoys it anyway!! xx
    Hi Lou

    Hope your enjoying hubby being home and hope your well.

    Just to say I am trying to get out of my christening this sunday and hopefully will be going to the show. Cath emailed the other day about it so I managed to get a ticket which came Monday.

    Really dont want to miss it as it was great last year.

    It was so fab to met you as well!! made it home safely and already missing my pals from across the pond xoxo ;) glad the foot rub was a good one and hope you are feeling better with some sleep in your own bed (((hugs)))

    I was searching the message board and I saw that you have make-up consulation forms. Would you mind sending them to me I would really appreciate it. If not thanks any way.

    My e-mail is kthlyle@hotmail.com


    Thanks again,i was going to buy a manicure kit but wasnt sure which one so will just wait now and buy everything i need when i go there

    Hi There
    Thanks for your advice,think i will defo be booking this course as it seems to be very popular and everyone seems to rate it,the only thing i was wondering is i have no experience at all and have no kit or tools,will this matter? obv i will buy a kit/tools if i need them,think i will do the same with the ILA as there are so many courses i want to do,thanks
    Hi Lou

    Was looking for some info/advice.I am looking to do a mani+pedi course and by the sounds of things the creative spa mani+pedi is the best.I see you have done this course,can you tell me a bit about it,how much is it?do u get a kit?how long does it last?any info would be great,thanks

    I wouldn't worry about if the presence feels ok and it doesn't bother you , may be a little lost angel x x x x
    it's the scary ones I don't like , but I too tend to just ignore any type of presence x
    lol well it is hardly about cracking tips anymore is it?? lol Glad I gave you a laugh!
    Hi Lou!
    Got your email and I have some notes for you. :) I'll be seeing you soon in the salon I think? So, thought I'd leave chatting about it till then when we can talk, rather than translating it into an email. If you have any new pics send them through. Don't be scared ;) good critique will be a big help! :)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    That's what I mean, mine hasn't worn a uniform for a long long time but dear me, they don't change inside, and you are so right, does no harm to look, actually I think it's good to look, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol
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