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  • Thanks for the rep hun. xx
    The problem with squadies is they think they are gods gift, if they think you like them, it's like breaking the of switch. Let them be grateful to you for ever more, don't let them know you think they are ppwwwaaaaa. You'll never live it down lol
    Thanks hun, I told Karl about the ties and he and the lads are waiting impatiently for them, you have become a godess!!! lol
    You're welcome hun, I see them all the time, oh wait, you mean your status! pmsl
    very jealous now I can't make the event as I have a wedding party on the Friday I have committed to because I was giving it serious consideration travelling down on the scottish bus.

    Absolutely will not be interupting any of your precious time with your hubby xxxxx
    thank you that is really kind unfortunately I am working 7 days that week arghhhh!

    who would be self employed eh????

    no worries kids are off for Easter at the 12th sorry . Please don't worry we can sort something out in the future xxxxx Enjoy your break xxxx
    Hi Louise

    I have emailed your sky addy but not sure if you got the message.

    Just wondering if we are still ok for Tuesday?

    Please don't worry if you can't manage it's not a problem at all.

    Angela xxx:hug:
    thanks for the rep point...yup one confused gal she is LOL ,
    how are you doing what with the old man away and deep under water ??
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I'm sure you are gonna get a lot out of it! My clients in the Salon are always happy to meet my Education customers - I think some times they feel a bit left out of all the excitement, lol! Bring a notebook and a smile, we're gonna have a good laugh! :D
    what breakouts you going to do lou ???? im thinking of the dashing diva, nail painting and efiles
    Hi Hun
    I hardly ever go on face book, i dont have anything planned for up your end so it might be best to arange something while you are in leeds, hth xxx
    Hi Hun,
    Thanks for your text today, i have been mad busy which is why i never got chance to reply, i am teaching for the first half of the day tomorrow but i will try to give you a call when i have done xxx
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