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  • Hi Lou just posted on your post, hopefully you will get some more replys... I will scan that document for you this week and email it to you. x
    theres a slip road for the houses just there I think .... I ca n get there for about 8 . cu then xx
    listen i'm not thinking If you give me your address I can pick you up if easier I have the old faithful sat nav
    I know what is i like Hubby is starting to get annoyed the amount of time \i spend on here.... What time should we leave and where should I pick you up ?
    Hi , Dont be daft these things happen.... Hubby says I can have the car Tuesday but warnn you I am a rubbish driver...lol. I can drive if that is easiest .... what route did you take last time did you do the m8 and is parking ok? Are you looking forward to it?? Quite excited xx
    How did college go??? It was nice meeting up . Just to check it was next Tuesday mornign you are going to book for Minx??? I think I will book too if you dont mind me tagging along x
    Hi there,

    I was going for Minx too, but I thought i would buy the kit have a little practice and then go to get help so I know where Im going wrong.....and because it only last 1-2 hours did not know if it was really only a demo. I have a bookmark of a minx video instructions if you would like. WHo is your teacher on Monday night? I did my nail tech there on a Thursday last year with Fiona.... Yep I am doing the waxing on Monday night. Definately need to meet for a coffee maybe before our class starts. Let us know how you get on with your Spa manicure/pedicure was thinking of buying there Citrus manicure range. If you need a model for anything let us know. xx
    I was supposed to go last week to Edinburgh fingertip but had to cancel due to husbands work and no babysitter :{ I was going to get the bus city link as it just stops at the end of the road from fingertips..... Hope it goes well....xx
    I'm not from here either moved up from london 10 years ago my hubbys family are here but dont keep too well so we struggle for babysitters ...its hard when your trying to get yourself sorted. Well best of luck...xx
    Hi saw you post re college that exactly the same problem I have 3 kids and no time to do more then 1 course...... Is it Clydebank college your going for your nail tech?? i did it last year its quite good and you use NSI products, their are 2 tutors I had Fiona she also works at NSI has an educator. I'm doing Waxing this year at clydebank.. best of luck xx
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