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  • Hi Do u do any Flirties training in Norwich. How much is the training and student kit? Or if I did training in Norwich maybe I can still get just the kit.
    I was just looking through the site for some advice.
    My friend and I were wanting to learn how to spray tan and were looking for some further information on training and kits.
    Please could you help.
    Spotted your 'pay as you earn' training suggestion on the Flirties Group - I'll email you and perhaps you can send me some details if this option is still available.


    Hi Loubylou

    I saw a message on Flirties group, saying you can pay as you earn,whilst doing a eye lash extension course.
    Could you tell me if this option is still available.:)

    Thank You

    Tracie xxx
    hi hun could you please send me any info on the pay as you earn courses please my addy is xx
    I am so confused... there was a beautiful article about Adele, with a lovely post from Gigi... now I can't find it?
    You know where it's at?
    Hello hun, x
    Would you be able to send me info on the pay as you earn courses please...
    Did my flirties today, But would like to do other stuff too... waxing I think would be next on my list
    My addy is

    Thankyouuuu xxxxx
    Hiya can you please tell me where you do the threading course please also the price and when the next one is thank you
    I think it's the whole lot. Console, game and board. You'll love it. It's quite funny, especially after a few glasses of wine. ;) Lx
    lol, I'm sure if we ever get sat down with a glass of wine we'll find more then that in common xx
    Hi Louise, lol the more I look at the dress & my body shape the more REALISTIC I am the less I think I will be wearing it! So it may well be jeans for me too! xx
    You're welcome, I get so frustrated by people who cheepen what we do, you made perfect sense xxx
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