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  • I know the feeling. Just got a Council Tax Summons for a bill payment that the Council did'nt take. Not my fault! £450 gas bill too. Feel like packing everything in and telling hubby to do so too. We'd be better off on benefits honestly. In one hand and out the other all for the sake of a pure slog - HELP!!!!!
    Oh babes, you have it all going on at the moment. Try and hang on at the shop for the Summer if you can. When is your lease due for renewal? Things for me are very busy but I am only in the salon 3 days as I am doing Beauty L2 at college. It is a slog but worth it. Chin up and stay strong and big hugs xxxx
    Thanks Louise - really want them doin but gonna have to save the pennies.
    How long will they last me? doe they take about 2hours to do ?

    Thanks Kelly x
    Thanks Louise, I will give you a ring after the weekend, i'm taking mum to dancing on Ice. oh good friday i'm going to Cirque de soliel. Love Debs
    Hey Louise, still up for the photo shoot? just planning at the mo. I will keep you informed. luv Debs
    hi Lou,
    great to have met you (briefly) yesterday. Don't forget the photos and also the number for 'sign man'.
    it all depends on what time we finish/how quick they get it! the routine is quite basic, we start at 10 and finish anytime between 4-5pm. My mobile no is 07910598882, if you text me yours, I'll let you know the likely finish time. Is that OK?
    Louise. Thank you so much. But I don't seem to have received the email... could you try again... I have had problems with my email recently, it is such a pain. Thank you for the details... I will let you know... of course you would have to cover your expenses and totally understand that. When I get the information again I will get in touch. Thank you for getting back to me, it is much appreciated. Have a good day. Juliex
    Hi Louise. Sorry to email you direct, but I have been reading all your posts, and you have in some cases said that you would email details for the Flirties training. I am really interested in training with Flirties... I already use Tantrick and love the company and the support, which to be honest has swayed me to look seriously at wowproducts. Although the whole eyelash extension thing is a minefield for a newbie eyelash person like me, but I just get a good feeling about flirties. Could you let me have your details, I have tried to contact the wowproducts through email, but for some reason it does not work. But if you would help me that would be great. My email address is julie.rogers17@btinternet.com. Is there a trainer more local to me, I am in Maidenhead, Berkshire, as I am interested in the 121 training... at my home based salon, where I would be treating clients. Thank you so much, Best Wishes. Julie x
    Hi Louise, My number is 07814 706090 May be best calling me on Friday as Im really busy next couple of days-thanks again for your help
    Toni xx
    Hi Lou,
    The 24th May looks good to me but I'd feel mean dragging you out on a Sunday!!! As long as you wouldnt mind then that would be good for me-where are you based?
    Toni x
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