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  • Hi Loubylou, i was wondering if there will a spray tanning course in Glasgow soon?
    I just completed a course last tue with SunLabs and i really dont feel comfortable with the training or post customer service i have recieved, feel like it was a total waste of money!
    I went orange with the product on the day and so has friends and family i have been practicing on!
    Contated the school and was told it was my tanning technique that that was the problem, feel that my confidence has been totally knocked and will need to join another course!
    Sorry for the rant, lol!
    Hi Lou. Long time no hear!! Well i stopped doing lashes for a while i went on maternity leave and now im back too it can you help me out some of my clients i am getting live like an hour away what do i do about patch testing obviously i cant be going an hour away just for a patch test can in ? remind me again can i tint perm and do lashes at same time? I have been doing!!can you e-mail me plllleeease xxx cat.griff@hotmail.co.uk xx
    Hey hun, thanks so much for your reply not sure what to do to be honest the irish beauty show is on in 2 weeks so might decide after that how much would you charge for training? I'm just so confused as to know what course to do !!xx xx
    Hiya Louise, my mobile has gone belly up......have added you on FB would you msg me if you have any dates coming up......or else I'm down in Leeds over Easter hols, so might need to pop and see you then..x
    Hi Louise thanks for your coment on my first set, got 3 lined up for next week to practise on. xxx
    Come on over to my place, hey you we're having a party....ok not yet but soon will be wooohoooo Event here we come (soon) :-)))
    hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...cough!!! thats better lmao what you up to? was going to phone ya last night see if you wanted to come over but thought you prob working xx
    Aw bless ya no names hun its just a wee small badge with the geek logo on. Geek bear has one.. I think you can see it in the photos of him.
    Hi Lou,

    my absolute pleasure! and thanks for your kind words!! Hope Paul is doing ok and on the mend?
    Hi, tnx for ur reply & compliment on my dress! Im going to try some different things tonight including ur tip (thankyou!) Im very impressed with my £55 sale dress lol x I'll be updating you all x
    Hi thanks Louise told you I was determined to do it this year cant believe the offer is so good would be silly not to take advantage, so looking forward to it, Kelly did message me on here today but I shall wait until the end of the week and give Sue a call if I haven't heard anything. Expect to be mithered! lol. xx
    Hi Louise, I have finally managed to book my "Flirties Training" well paid for it just waiting for Kelly to phone and set a training date, I am sooooo excited but expecting it to be a fairly long process before I am confident & competent. x
    God knows cos im knackered so should be in bed, dont have to be up early so might ...just might get a sleep in past 7am lol
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