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    Thankyou ♥
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    Oh thanks Louise... my email address is janoregtan@gmail.com really looking forward to hearing from you x
    Hi Louise
    Going through Salon Geek to find out about flirties eyelash extensions and discovered that you are head trainer!! I am in Southern Ireland (eyelash extensions becoming VERY popular here) so I don't expect anyone teaches it (Flirties) here.. if not I am thinking of going to UK if it was possible to be trained up in one day (get cheap flights and over/back in one day). Is this possible or would you have any suggestions please?
    Thanks a mill....
    are you kidding Louise!!!! oh my god just give me notice and i will be there as they are fabulous looking nothing like the lashes i have seen around here. Its defo on my training to do list. Big hugs Leica xxx
    hi. do flirty lashes have a web site ? id like more info, kit/training prices etc and had no luck on google. many thanks. joanne
    Ive been in touch with steph from nouveau in south elmsal on here today but dont know how long it will be before i get a reply, taken a while for a reply to the last i sent. Basicaly quicky explained what was/had happened and if they could be redone as a model.
    Will let you know when i get a reply ♥
    Thanks Louise for your kind words, does Keighley have that effect on people lol. How are you getting to the event cos there is room in my car for 2 people.

    anne xx
    I can imagine that LOL... I have a few places I wanna take him, but people will probably think I look strange too... It'll be so much fun xxx
    Thanks for the info Louise, will look into it and see what I think. xx
    Ok its karen_coughlan@talktalk.net I look forward to reading the info, could you also include regular training info, Thanks Louise.
    Erm No I did see one or two blog comments on it but havent actually looked into it any further it may be an option for me to consider thanks for reminding me, who do I contact to get some literature regarding comitment amounts interest etc?
    They look gorgeous Louise I have hardley any lashes they are so sparse I would love some but they are not up to scratch around here, so will have to wait until I can afford to train myself going to really try get the money together for next year.
    Hey!! Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for doing my traiing yesterday. I honestly loved it, and Kate loved her lashes too...she has even booked her infill for 2 weeks time and wants a mascara!!!

    Have text you today too, with a few things I need......I cannot wait to get going on people...well on everyone really!!

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