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  • Hi Louise I am wondering if you do an all in one course for courses myscara, glam lash and lash in a flash? I have contacted a couple of times now but not heard anything back? Thanks Mel
    Hi i would like to have some samples of your products also i have sent my cv to you have you recieved it my names kathleen smith
    Hi Louise I'm trying to find my nearest myscara training. I have left messages, contacted through fb, emailed contacts that have been advised as my nearest trainer and no one has contacted me. I am in northwest x
    Hi Louise I am wondering were my nearest training would be for myscara please I have contacted Glam lash & left 3 messages now so dont know if you can help me please I am in Cornwall
    I am looking for a Glam Lash Course in Belfast - Do you have any dates or information?
    Hi Louise,
    Left a message at the office for you yesterday regarding training and distribution for Myscara. I have been speaking with Lyndsay regarding this and I have to say she is doing a fantastic PR job for you guys! I am training already and would love to add this to my training menu. Will be arranging course with Lyndsay once I know that training and distribution is available.
    Many thanks Louise
    hi louise i noticed a post about MYscara being available in london??? i e-mailed glam lash for more info about a month ago now but had no reply. very interested in going on the course a geting myself booked in! xxx
    Hi everyone

    The Scottish Beauty Show yesterday was fantastic and as usual the ABC Beauty Stand was jumping. The crowds were well up on last year.

    The demos on both the Hot & Warm Wax were brilliant and the team did not stop all day. Thanks girls you were great. The HOT WAX Training Dates are going great. What else do you expect when you are using Australian Bodycare Products. Fantastic !!

    The "Supply & Apply" La La Lashes & Lash FX was brilliant. Laura, how many sets of lashes did you apply ? loads !!!! This was pure theatre and a brilliant way for the salons to see how easy it is to get the Strip Lash Stand and lashes and do the same in their own salon. AND make a good profit.

    Thank you Scotland it was a great day for us. x
    Hey Louise,
    Are glam lash simular to hollywood lashes? As i'm wanting train in the application of hollywood lashes but aren't sure of the other brands that are already out there x
    Hi Louise can you get back to me please with training dates available last 2 wks in Apri and the whole month of May for the express lashes and the my-scara courses. I dont think this is what you call them but hopefully you will know what I mean :wink2: many thanks hope to see you guys soon xx
    Hi. Just been following the thread about lash dip. Mmm! Could you send details re cost of training, kit and dates? Is it one or two days? Any possibility of setting something up in Manchester for training? Could be worth tho travelling up to Glasgow! Thx.
    Thankyou Louise, silly me must have been putting in the wrong web address!! lol!
    Which do you prefer minx lashes or just standard artificial lashes. Is there much difference?
    hey Louise, just seen your comment on my blog. I'll hopefully have that number for you tomorrow so I'll give you a buzz then! x
    hi there,

    im currently trained with and use lash perfect products and am interested in trying a few samples as ive heard alot of gr8 things about glam lash, but too nervous to try anything else...thanks keely xx
    Hi Louise, I recently did my training in SP and did my first two sets which didn't go particulaly well. After speaking to another tech and telling them about the problems I was having (trained with someone else) they suggested trying the Glamlash Odourless glue before quitting. Would you have a tiny wee sample that you could send me?
    Hi Everyone, just an update to say that all free samples are now gone. Also my inbox was full and have deleted some unread ones when I was trying to delete the old ones. If you have messaged me and I haven't got back please pm me again. Lou xx
    Hi there, i am looking to try several semi permanent lash companies to find the one that lasts and looks the best. I am also teaching a lash extension course at the isle of wight college in february, and would appreciate it if you could send me a sample to try, many thanks michelle
    Hi Louise,
    Ok, finally i've received lashes today, but they were left with neighbours. It's annoying as these are not nice people and to get anything from them is a challenge...
    Hi Louise,
    Your inbox is full so I'm writing to you here.
    I was waiting for your phonecall yesterday with an update re lashes parcel. I called your office today but it's closed.
    Can you tell me what happened? I will need to cancel this order and reorder from somewhere else, I'm desperate for those lashes to get hold on. It's been almost 2 weeks now...
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