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  • hi hun, I'll make a deal with you, once I've been trained, I'll tan you, if you tan me????
    hi hun, hope you're still doing the diet, my tip would be to up your water a bit, that always worked for me if I had a low week, I'd try for an extra pt of water a day and always got a buzz the following week. xx
    Aww babe, I really feel for you! but you could have a massive loss next week though. You haven't been well so that wouldn't have helped, your body's immune system has probably been storing everything to help get you better! I know it's really hard, but it will be worth it, you know it works, you're just having a bad time just now. It's been 5 weeks already remember! You've done really well, 3lbs is still 3lbs, you didn't think you'd lost anything! Come on hun, we can do this!!!!
    Hey, yeh I'm getting sick of it now too! I had to have a 200 calorie meal last night cause i was really struggling, only had a wee bit chicken and some lettuce and scales reckon ive put on a pound!, and i'm pre-menstrual so its not gonna be a good week! Good luck tonight hun, let me know how you get on xx
    Hey you, how you getting on? Don't have any credit on mob, keep forgetting to get some. How you feeling now, any better??
    Happy New Year! Crimbo was good on the one hand and pants on the other lol Kay has found a flat and we're waiting for the credit checks to come back, I got some bril pressies and an invite to a gay wedding for the end of March, so yes I will have to follow that cambridge diet, no way am I going to be the fat and frumpy one for that knees up. Good luck with the diet you're going to love how the weight drops of, just keep drinking all the water:hug:
    Hello Louise! Had fun reading your profile:) Not everyday you can have one person fixing your car and nails:) Thank you for the request and have a happy New Year!:hug:
    P.S I was wondering if you have tried the new pinks in the NSI attraction powders.. if so what did you thinkov them??
    Sarah xxx
    Thanks for the reply and the lovely comment on my daughters "strawberry toes"!!! I might contact NSI to see if they will pop over to my salon and do a rep demo...mind you I got a funny feeling I might end up doin the Brisa conversion after the l&p!!!!
    Chat sn..
    I noticed you use NSI too! I was wondering if your gels are NSI aswell hun? I love your work, its very inspiring... did you do a conversion course with NSI then?? I hope you dnt mind accepting a friend request..
    Sarah xx
    Getting there. Kay is moving out early next year so I'll get my studio back, hopefully I'll get some work in for valentines. Yes I did the cambridge diet, first week was hard, you don't realise how much eating is habit rather then hunger until you go on it. I'm going back on it after Christmas, the meds I've been taking caused some weight gain and I want that gone before spring. lol Going away for easter and I don't want to be a blobby on the beach!!
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