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  • Are you free for a geek lunch at bluewater again on Monday 5th Oct?

    Not sure about your party yet matey sorry for delay.
    Hey chick, thats exactly what im doing hun, dipping in and out instead of being totally hooked lol

    and yeah, i was thinking about asking for a bed for when we visit the hossie, good job ones at home and others in wales, at least they havent started to recognise us yet rofl

    take care hun xxxxxx
    something still going on, will tell you later.... hope you had a good holiday.
    Bio is not till 9th Sept and Claire is there too lol
    I am going on a Bio Sculpture course, I spoke to a trainer who will allow me to do a one day course it might be the same day that Claire is there. So excited I cant wait until tomorrow when I phone to book. :) I'm a daft mo lol
    hello, just read your blog from a few months back about your little boy. we have gone through a harrowing year with my 5 year son in school. long story!... but the outcome was that he was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. i knew it was coming a long time ago, so have done tons of reserch etc on autism. not brilliant on computer i,m afraid!.. infact just about getting round this fab website... but if i can help u in anyway let me know. just a thought.. i found THE AUTISM FILE quarterly magazine a god send! dont know how much support u have, but u r not alone! x
    put thin diamond all over nail but dont cure, put colour glitter gel on free edge and at smile line area drag bits up the nail cure. if colour gel too in your face go over with thin diamond again to calm it down. finish with clear to cover the ruffness of glitter.
    Hi Hun, thanks for liking my glitter gel nails. Easy to do all calgel too. Mix colour glitter in clear gel and other gel was Diamond all on together. How are you? shame you cant come to Eds party I'l miss you :(
    She is a beauty isn't she, I shouldn't boast but she is the image of my daughter at her age, so I think you could be right about breaking hearts!! lol! Yes, my daughter has taken to motherhood like a duck to water - and back in her jeans in 3 weeks!! Not like me, I think I'm still trying to shed my baby weight! lol! Take care. Babs
    Hi, there, posted some more piccies of baby grandaughter on my album if you are interested. Love Babs xx
    Hi, I would have to meet up after Eds party and the DIY in the lounge. Was gonna have a guy in to paint now we will do it ourselves so it will take longer.
    Your not kidding! I was so dissapointed, was so looking forward to meetig you all. Maybe we could do one for lakeside next! There are some lovely little resturants now, and you can sit outside. I want to meet you all, lol
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