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  • Will def come next time. Either that or perhaps we could all meet up before hand. It was great meeting you and Debbie. Bluewater is approx in the middle so we could always do it again. Trying to get the home salon thing organised at the moment which is a nightmare - keep changing my mind and don't know where to put the stuff that was in the room before. Bloody nightmare. How is Cameron now? You still feeling low?
    Hiya - bloody nightmare really, Mum and her best mate were off to spain, her husband was going to take them both. Got up early, got ready and then phone call came to say he had to work and I would have to do it. Great. I thought I might be able to get there but had to leave with them at 11 to get to Stansted, so no bloody chance. Bet you had a great time? I love Pizza Express as well - its my favourite. Did loads turn up? Hope you are all well. xx
    Im so upset!!!! Iv been ill in bed since saturday with food poisening (sp?) Dodgy chicken kebab from a girls night out sat.... I have never felt so rough! First time i have got out of bed since sunday morning! I am so gutted! Did you all have fun, when can we have another????????
    Lou, I found it quite intresting to be honest, so no kicking required. We must meet more offen especially as we are round the corner, so to speak. Take care Joxxxxx
    Hi Louise, hope you're ok? Why you been so hacked off? Nothing bad I hope xx Ooh! Passed the CND course, which i'm chuffed about x
    Hi, really nice of you to offer, but I've not done my corse yet, I start on the 13th July so I'd really rather wait til I've completed that, but thanks very much for offering! I'll definately be up for the next one tho, once i know what I'm doing and maybe will have some ideas to share, at the mo I know nothing and I'd feel like a bit of a tit!!!!! How long you been doing it for? xxx
    hiya...we were in Gran Canaria (Playa Del Ingles)...lovely n hot,and back to very cold wet weather...oh how I miss the sun...:)xx
    Hi Louise, thanks ever so much for having me yesterday and for the fantastic lunch (beans were fab!). Had a great time and it was lovely to meet you both. Sorry to take so long to tell you, but got one hell of a migraine yest evening and have spent most of the time in a darkened room. Anyway, all ok now and off to practise for creative on Tues! xxxx
    Awwww miss you too Loulou....it kills me to keep away....but it is working out for the better....
    Doesn't stop me missing or thinking about you....Hope you are well....:hug: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    hi,yes i have already spoke to jo as i dont think i can make it.but if it turns out that i can then i will let someone know before they day.thanks for inviting me though.xxx
    Hi Hun, thank you for lunch today Yummy!! Your lounge looks fab!! Claire is a lovely girl so glad we got to meet her! Looking forward to seeing you on 23rd!! Debs XXXXXXXXX
    I am taking things slowly and accepting that its there instead of trying to run from it iykwim xxxxxxxx
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