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  • Hi, Lou, yep baby's doing very well. Back up to her birth weight and some - now weighing in at ten-and-a-half pounds! Daughter and her hubby are pretty knackered, especially hubby as he suffers from MS. Just diagnosed a year ago. You probably have ready my blogs about his sorry saga and the NHS. Anyway, thanks for getting in touch. Take care. Love Babs xx
    Not heard from Jo hun and not been on much myself. I do take break's from salon geek.!!!!!!!! Darling Jo will be good xxxxxxxx
    hi hun, doh! my brain is not working - I have written on my blog but previewed it and now it wont let me post it:(
    if I look on 'my blog' its there but not on to share lol what am i like, can you help?
    Ha!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!
    Thanks for the message, its nice to hear from other unpredictable mood-swing geeks!!!!:lol:
    hi hun , still waiting for appointment , hes not too bad at the moment , just has too much energy , lol
    hows your little guy now hes on the meds ?? xxxx
    Noty for you too he he. Nought wrong with ya beans dear. I love ya beans. Just thought i'd help out by brining my own. lol (me like branstons lol) Are we making a potato man (vegi art) lol. Claire is going to think we are mad geeks you know. XXX
    oh, good so wednesday is ok for you then, sure we will come to you that lovely, thanks i will speak to claire and pick her up is she is happy with that, we can chat in the car on the way lol i will get jaw ache he he
    hi hun,thanks for my noty. can claire and i meet with you on wednesday? where? shall we come to you or do you prefer half way or at mine? we are not fussed up to you
    Debs XX
    I was thinking of an early one as I also need to get emily from school at 3pm and I'm sure others will be the same. I'll put in the thread to see what others think.
    oh just a hypo and a hyper, but we coped with them lol

    you are so sweet offering to share the nits tho hun, :hug: xxxxxx
    Hey hun, how was your weekend? Me and Ash ok, few scares over the weekend lol, but we survived lol

    as for nits arrrggghhhh bain of my bloody life, we've been clear of the damn things for 4 months now, woohooo so no dont want them thanks xxxx
    I can come there but it is just me, claire cant make it this week what shall we do meet or wait for claire or meet and then meet again next week? lol...
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