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    Thank you Rachel, I have now sent across my message to the email provided.
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    New CND Shellac wall racks

    Does anyone know if the new shellac rack will fit Vinylux bottles?
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    Thank you all for your advice. The sad thing is I did trial for ages before I swapped over. Definitely trialling Perron Rigot. Do you get yours from beauty express?
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    i have a dilemma, I have just invested in the Waxxxpress brand but I'm not 100% happy. I have advertised loads to all my clients that I have swapped over to this brand and now I'm considering changing again, How professional/unprofessional will it be to change again within 2 months of this...
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    Would a lash tint cause lashes to fall out?

    Thank you for the reply. In my panic I haven't even considered lash curlers, Hopefully she will say if she does
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    Would a lash tint cause lashes to fall out?

    She has sent a picture and they look normal, I would prefer her to come in as a photo can be misleading but not sure what further action to take
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    Would a lash tint cause lashes to fall out?

    I have never heard of this before, However my client has just text me to say some of her lashes has have fallen out and have become really sparse. She had a lash tint about 2-3 weeks ago, How shall I deal with this situation? Help please
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    Eve Taylor cost per service

    Thank you everyone for your replies, I will call tomorrow, As it's a Sunday I was just seeing if I could get it all completed today but will pop it on my list for next week (boring accounts). I cant post prices on here but I will happily send you across my Kaeso costings however I did then...
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    Eve Taylor cost per service

    I was wondering if any helpful geeks would be so kind and private message me a cost per service for Eve taylor products. Or an estimate of how many uses per bottle. I am doing my accounts and just realised i've been using my kaeso cost per service still :o
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    I - Nail express

    I bought some as an express option
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    Most profitable treatment

    Any more thoughts on this thread? I know threading and massage are highest profit but I'm thinking of any that have been missed. Pedi with polish works out relatively low cost. File and polish with vinylux.
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    Shellac Xmas colours?

    I think they will be released for Olympia in London
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    Working around family

    Is it possible for you to employ 1 or 2 therapists?
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    Must have CND colour?

    Lobster roll
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    Established Salon Owners-Advice Please

    Sorry to cut in I just wondered if this includes your products?