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  • Oh bless you thank you! I'm actually already fully booked tomorrow tho, finish early on fridays, at 2pm. xx
    As far as I know no-one does it so can't wait for the training :) You'll enjoy your CND course, its changed quite a bit since I did it and its meant to be fantastic now - if you need someone to practice on you know where i am lol xx
    Where Clarks Village is, on the way to Glastonbury so only about 20 mins away. Think she said it would be about £120 xx
    No i haven't but I went in to Aston & Fincher the other week and they're waiting til they get enough people signed up and they're going to put on a training day in Street - might be worth you popping in there and adding your name to the list.
    Thats fab news! Where are you doing it, Bournemouth or Plymouth?
    I will def be booking in with you then in the next couple of weeks, need some pampering :) xxx
    Thanks for the rep my darling. Having tricky skin is horrible. You might find some microdermabrasion works for you especially around the nose area to get rid of the flaky skin first. I have a machine myself and it works wonders with the hydrating mask I told you about. xxx
    Sorry, I was just trying to reply when the thread was removed.
    It happened to my corporate massage website and only came to light when a client we were working for brought it to our attention as they had been contacted by this company.
    It was quite a few years ago, and it was done by a friend of my business partner and can't remember whether they sent the letter or just worded it for us. Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy as that computer disappeared years ago LOL.
    I don't think it would need to be a corporate lawyer and if you know anyone who could help with the letter, then you could send one yourself.
    It is an infringement of copyright if it is word for word as copyright is automatic (you don't have to register or trademark it). In our case, they simply changed it so it wasn't word for word, but overall, wasn't that different.
    Good luck - it is very frustrating when you've spent so much time doing it.
    Not at all :hug: it's all the learning process - I was lucky and did my training with the best, but even then I swapped over to OPI for a while, spent a fortune on it, only to decide I ought to go back to CND!! We all live and learn lol xxx
    Training is something that is ongoing for the whole of your career. There are always new treatments coming out and always something to learn from others on the old treatments. One day courses show you the basics of doing something it is up to you to practice and expand on them. Like you said, as long as you have your basics then there is nothing wrong with one day courses. There is a lot of nonsense and exaggeration talked on here about one dayers. Just ignore it my darling and do what you are doing! xxx
    Oh my goodness no my darling. I am one of the one dayers too. I have done a college course over a year and some week long courses and a few one dayers. What Samuel said was so right, we all start somewhere and not all of us are able to do these long and very expensive courses. xxx
    Facts and links have all been supplied over the 2 threads. You can lead a horse to water..... and all that lol !
    You're actually only round the corner from where I live so I'll def be booking a massage :) I'm at the top of Abbey Manor! xx
    Ah, I know! :) .. Ooo not far at all really :)
    Good Luck for the opening of your new home salon hun xxx
    Hey, how are you?? I saw your post for service swap, and wondered whether you'd still be interested? I'm soooo after having my eyelash extensions, and can offer the same to you. I'm using lashbase, have only been doing them a while, but have really got the hang of it, abd have very happy customers! :)) let me know, I'm in the PO and mobile, so more than happy to travel to you.... Liane x x
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