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    Best haircut for two year old boy with curly hair?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a two year old boy with curly unruly hair that is thickest by his neck and down the centre of his head and thinnest at the sides. What I'd like to know is what haircut could I ask for at the hair dressers that would look good with...
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    CND complete

    Agreed. In my previous career, we had checks every year where our on job standard was checked. I know the EA's have regionals which checks their standard of competence and capabilities, which I am sure is exceptional as always as CND only have the best EA's when it comes to standard. But I think...
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    CND complete

    Good luck HazyK. I've seen some of BusyBees nails on other threads and she is very talented and amazing at nails. And I think it's brilliant she responded to this thread saying you would be going to her, thats very conscientious of her. I think you have yourself a good EA there. I used to live...
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    Fur Babies

    Here's my Jack Russell X puppy sleeping on his stink cushion! Lol.
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    Embarrassing moments

    Haha!! I'm laughing so much, that's so funny! :D
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    My first experience of fake Shellac

    Oh dear that sounds ridiculous!!
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    Comment by 'Lovebeauty14' in media 'CND Almond SpaManicure Ritual Tray'

    Looks stunnings! *Thrusts hands in front of Dellas tray*
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    Peely, bendy nails!! I have your solution!

    Hey geeks. Just thought I'd share this with you. I used to have horrible peely, bendy nails that never grew as they would end up peeling so bad before they had the chance. Well I buffed them using the CND Girlfriend buffer and then the Glossing Block and they are now amazing and don't peel! I'm...
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    Alternative pedicures - cake/ice cream, etc.

    Oh blumming heck! Scrummy not scummy! Stupid iPhone!
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    Alternative pedicures - cake/ice cream, etc.

    Are these products edible? They look scummy! I love something a bit different to the norm. How do they work? Does the chocolate have antioxidants in, etc? I bet they are well beneficial to the skin too. :)
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    Berins ease wax

    Also, I always test the wax on myself and then my clients to test temperatures.
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    Berins ease wax

    No I use the same heater the teacher used. The salon systems one for the Ease. And it was left on continuously, not switched on and off. I've turned it off now as I've not had a warm wax client in months! :) And for the Blue I discussed it with ZoZo on the phone about temperatures and I bought...
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    On trend - or missing the mark? - Yasmin Le Bon

    I'm not keen on her hair, but is it just me or does she look like Kiera Knightly?
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    Berins ease wax

    Well I get hardly any waxing clients, for brows yes I have them regularly, but I opened in April & have only had one leg wax the whole time. So my warm wax is barely used. I did have it heated continuously on setting 6 on the salon systems lamp but when it started to go that brown colour...
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    Berins ease wax

    Good this thread came along, as I have the Berins Blue and the Berins Ease, and while I'm loving the Blue I'm also having the same problem as the poster with the Ease. Also, my Ease went a darker brown colour for some reason after a few weeks of use. I ended up throwing it out as the smell went...