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  • Hi Loveday,

    I already have a lamp similar size to this one but the issue I have is that it does not face down towards the nails so I have to tilt it on a buffing block! kind of annoying!

    Used Minx for about a month now going down really well! I only use Minx on its own as this is how I was taught though read a lot about Lumos and shellac but heard good and bad so be interested to know how you get on with it?
    I have found my clients Minx are lasting about 11 days on average. One has noticed the minx almost shrinking and white apearing at the very tip.... have contacted my trainer to ask for advice on this. I think as long as you heat the minx thoroughly you should not have a problem.

    Sizing can be difficult but sometimes you have just got to choose and go for it, If it does not fit right put it back and choose another size. If you need to trim the minx you need very sharp scissors to cut it blunt.
    The best tip I heard was 'Heat, pressure, Heat pressure' always check the ends of the nail to make sure they are sealed down and good aftercare is very important.

    Hope this helps. Keep in touch x
    just about to say where are you based, just seen your in Taunton, i go there to have my hair done Luci Foremans, if you fancy coffee on a sat let me know xx
    Oh thanks Sarah! :o

    I did CND's 'Nails Naturally' manicure 1 day course in March which I really enjoyed. Problem is I am quite shy and lack confidence so I thought doing an NVQ at college would be a good way to build up the confidence. I'm enjoying it, although I hate the fact that they are very strict with the way you do things - such as how to paint the smile line when doing a French. CND taught me a much easier and quicker way but I'm not allowed to do this at college otherwise it's an automatic fail! :eek:

    Cannot wait to complete it all and then look at conversion courses with CND.

    Thanks again Sarah x
    no probs hun :D I actually start with clients right hand (my left) pinkie to thumb, the left hand (my right) pinkie to thumb. Its just the way I was taught but it would make more sense to go pinkie to thumb on left hand (your right) then thumb to pinkie on right hand (your left) lol
    I'd just do what feels more comfortable to you, I've never smudged a nail unless the client is jumping about in her seat :lol: hth xx
    Hi, Im based in Taunton a the moment. I am a complete 'newbie' and have no real experience in nails! Where did you do your manicure course?
    Hiya loveday, where abouts in Somerset are?
    CND are a really good choice, i would love to train with them, got to save up first lol.
    I am currently using bio gel, still in training mode. Qualified in manicures and pedicures though. So im a newbie too.
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