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  • hi there ive read you have a succesful nail salon im newly qualified opi nail technician aned looking to open a salon in durham would like some gd advice and support if you can help me thanx
    hope you don't mind, i thought i would add you as a friend being an aussie gal...
    funny tho, as reading through your profile, it's ironic that Adelaide is the place i was thinking of moving to... as that's where i have some family..
    Heya Jane, how are you? Do you have any creative powders and liquids you are wanting to sell? I am just trying CND out and there just isn't enough in a sample kit :)
    northern suburbs born and bred! i had no idea how many geeks are from adelaide.. looks like we may have to have our very own geek meet!
    Oh my, just saw your other post. You aren't doing nails anymore. How did this come about? What kind of job are you in now, are you enjoying it?
    Hiya Jane! What you been up to? Are you still running your own salon? Cheers, G
    Hi, I'm also in Adelaide and started doing nails last year as a part time basis, where abouts are you, I'm at Salsibury North.


    Mel :)
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