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  • Thanks Hun, just wished I'd known that before I paid out, I'm giving the so much headache I'm hoping the just gimme back to shut me up lol.
    It should be allow its feels like fraud to me but won't be so blonde next time round xx
    It is frustrating and I hope you get your money back. Im here to help if you want someone to talk to, and there are good companies out there too but you wont get insurance unless you are trained by an accredited company. Regards Christine
    Thank u for your reply, I trained with an independent company, although the kit was crap and missing half it contents the lady who trained me also to use eyelash emporium, shesaid to use the medium glue to start off with until more confident and faster, I did mention to her whilst doing the course that it was crap and the fact she was using all eyelash emporium products instead of the ones given to us says it all really, she genuinely seem embarrassed by the kit!

    And again thanks for your reply really do appreciate it x
    Hi There,

    Yes I am a trainer and you have come to the right place. I'm absolutely passionate about lashes and the correct and safe application methods. There are a lot of companies out there that are cheap and the training and kits are poor, you are working on peoples eyes and if you make a mistake can cause severe infections or worse if the glue isn't of good quality. If the company was good the kit should have been too. :(

    I can recommend the best company for lashes, kit and glue Eyelash Emporium - Eyelash extensions | Semi permanent eyelashes | Eyelash extension courses
    or give them a call on 01753 650 656 and speak to anyone there they will be happy to help you. Their starter kit is enough to get you going, but if you feel you need extra training they will help with that too. If you want to talk to me directly I'd be happy to guide you my number is 07515 867 997. Be 100% confident before you start working on anyone otherwise a bad experience will derail you and you will have wasted the money you have already spent. Kindest, Xhristine

    I've done an eyelash course and the kit is poo so the whole thing needs replacing, and I don't have a clue where to start when it comes to good lashes etc..... I no most will be try and error but anyone got any tips please
    Would be so grateful x
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